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Kinnery Koria (1168 days ago)


We are planning a 12 month trip around the world leaving London in March 2015 and would really appreciate some advice. It is our first trip and we have a very restricted budget. We would like to use as much overland travel as possible. The route we are considering is -

London - Columbia ...overland to Rio - Beijing – Ho Chi Minh City ....overland to Cambodia …overland to Bangkok – New Delhi …overland to Nepal - fly back to London (not sure about ending in Nepal)

We had originally wanted to start in India travel Southeast Asia and China and then to South American but March is not a great time for weather in India and so we are thinking of doing it the other way around. Most of the trips we have seen include Australia but this isn’t really a priority for us.

We are hoping to book our trip in the next few weeks – or at least the first part of it. I would really appreciate your advice on our itinerary, any overland routes you would/wouldn’t recommend and any other suggestions/advice that might be helpful.



Cristina Puscas (1151 days ago)

G'day Kinnery

We are sorry it took so long to reply.

Overlanding in South America will save money but pay attention to the long travel times by bus. And it gets pretty bad if you have motion sickness.

Overland in Asia is a good idea. This site http://www.seat61.com/Map-southeast-asia-train-routes.htm has great information.

There aren't any non stops from Nepal to London but you can stop in Istanbul, for example, if you want to break the long flights.

One thing to consider though. Airlines only offer availability as far as 11 months out. So right now you'd be able to price the trip up to Beijing. At a later time, you'd be able to price the rest of it.


And no matter how you break it up, you still need to do two itineraries as your trip is longer than 11 months.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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