Karen Pavlick

New York - Lisbon - Hong Kong - Bangkok

Departure: Apr 29, 2015

Duration: 6 days

Travelers: 1 adults

Karen Pavlick (1168 days ago)

Hello! I am going to Thailand and would like to make the most out of my flight. Looking at expedia, most flights with a layover in Hong Kong are around $800. I'd like to see if I can add extra stops for around the same money. Do you have any insight on this? My email is karen@etlgroup.com

Cristina Puscas (1167 days ago)

G'day Karen

A stop via Europe would add at least $500 to that amount. There are direct flights from various European cities to Hong Kong, such as Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London...but not Lisbon.

Flying via Dubai would only add $400 or so: http://indie.bootsnall.com/NYC-DXB-HKG-BKK-1407913129

You won't be able to add a stop or more for the same price, unfortunately.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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