Multicies, Montreal to Berlin and back from Rome

Claudia Jim

Montreal - Berlin - Rome - Montreal

Departure: Aug 17, 2015

Duration: 23 days

Travelers: 1 adults

Claudia Jim (815 days ago)

I would appreciate your advice on how to find the cheapest "multi-cities" flights, or two "one way" flights.

I'm traveling from Montreal to the Tegel airport in Berlin. I have to arrive there on August 18th, the latest around 12:30 am. From there I'm taking a tour (bus) from Berlin to Rome (already booked). And from Rome, I want to take the only Air Transat flight that comes back to Montreal on September 9th.

It doesn't matter with which airline(s) I travel to Berlin-TXL (except AirCanada), but how can I specify that my trip back to Montreal must be by Air Transat? Is it possible?

Cristina Puscas (815 days ago)

G'day Claudia

You can edit each leg only when you have at least 4 flight legs on your trip. You only have two so you need to use the big blue button below the cheapest option to pull up other options.

Give that you have a specific airline in mind for your return, then you can just do two one ways, like this:

Montreal - Berlin: and Air France is the cheapest option available pricing $1,584 USD, arriving around noon. Looking at the arrival hours, you may want to fly a day earlier from Montreal.

Rome - Montreal : and Air Transat is the cheapest option available pricing $611 USD

Let me know if you have other questions or need any help


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