Follow these tips to have an indie travel experience in Denver.
  • Denver is a city of neighborhoods, so don't limit yourself do downtown. Make sure you get out and explore the other neighborhoods of Denver, each offering their own unique feel.
  • Denver and all of Colorado are big into outdoor activities, so rent a bike or take off on your own two feet and explore some of the many parks that Denver has in the metro area.
    • City Park is a 330-acre park just east of downtown. Lakes, playgrounds, sports fields, and a zoo are just a few of the highlights.
    • Washington Park is one of the most popular jogging places for citizens of Denver.
    • Cheesman Park has a rich history and offers a great view of the city's skyline.
  • Use Denver as a base to exploring the Rockies.
    • If you're here during winter months, go skiing or snowboarding in one of the many nearby mountain towns like Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Vail, A-Basin, and many more.
    • Summer months means hiking, biking, and camping in those same mountainous areas.
    • Rocky Mountain National Park is just a short drive away.
  • See a concert at one of the most beautiful venues in the country - Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Why you should add Denver to your RTW travel list

  • Go skiing in the Rockies, or
  • Take the piste in any one of several Rocky Mountain snow resorts
  • Join the Mile High Club in the Mile High City
  • Take a day trip to Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak
  • Take a break from the big city in more relaxed Boulder, CO
  • White water raft on Class III & IV rivers
  • See how beer should NOT be made at the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO
  • Then see how beer should be made in one of the many microbreweries that call Colorado home

Why you should not add Denver to your RTW travel list

  • If you really want to have a good time exploring Denver and the surrounding areas, it's going to cost you.
  • Denver is pretty far from any other major city in the US that you would want to visit.


Denver is at the base of the Rocky Mountains, but it's still a mile (1600 meters) high. This makes for an unpredictable, but usually surprisingly mild climate. It can snow just about any time outside of summer so you have to pay attention, but Denver can be a very pleasant place to visit year round. In fact, the city's close proximity to many world-class ski areas makes winter a particularly good time to come.

What To Do

Yes, the ski resorts just up the mountains from Denver are excellent and you should consider spending at least a day up there. There is train service and various bus services to nearby slopes from Denver so you don't even have to rent a car for a short trip.

More money is minted in Denver than anywhere else in the world and the Denver Mint is a popular attraction that is more interesting than it might sound. If there is an event taking place, the nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater can create an unforgettable concert experience. It's a gorgeous and historic setting for a show, but even when there isn't, there is a Rock and Roll Museum and restaurants and bars that make the trip worthwhile.

The nightlife in Denver is also worth mentioning. Several sections of the downtown area have been revitalized and are now packed with bars, clubs, and restaurants in historic buildings, particularly the Lower Downtown, or LoDo District. Public transportation within the downtown is free so if you are staying in the center you can get around easily even during less than ideal weather.

Getting There

If you are coming on a ski or snowboarding trip it may be worth renting a car, but you'll want to book a flight into the new Denver International Airport. It's a hub for United and Continental Airlines and it's served by discount carriers as well so good deals are often available. It's 20 miles out of town, but there is a reasonably priced shuttle service that goes directly from the airport into the city center.

And if you decide to go to the airport by car you can pay for the Denver airport parking before you get to the airport. Or you can reserve a Denver airport shuttle to get you to the airport.

Where To Stay

There are a few hostels in Denver and obviously loads of hotels in Denver to choose from. The downtown area has great nightlife and dining opportunities so it might be worth spending a bit more to be near the center rather than saving a bit and being out in the burbs.