Updated 2016

Dallas isn't an obvious destination for most tourists, but this huge Texas city has a lot to offer for those who come. The name became known the world around thanks to the 1970s television show about a family in the booming oil industry, but don't come to Dallas looking for Ewing family-style tycoons because they are few and far between in an economy that has diversified as the population of the city has exploded.

What to do

While the suburban parts of Dallas and its neighbor, Fort Worth, are a mix of housing developments and some old fashion cowboy enterprises, the downtown city center of Dallas is very modern with excellent shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. The Sixth Floor Museum downtown is the macabre location from where President John F. Kennedy was shot, assuming you believe the official version, and it deals with that tragic event.

Each fall the Texas State Fair fires up just outside of Dallas, and it's definitely a worthwhile spectacle as its usually considered the largest of its kind in the world. There are also two huge Six Flags theme parks and an abundance of fine golf courses to keep people active in the outdoors, but the height of summer can be extremely hot so be forewarned.

Getting there

There are two major airports in the area and most people will want to book a flight to Dallas using the enormous Dallas Fort Worth Airport (code: DFW). But Love Field (DAL) is actually closer to the city and handles some of the regional traffic, especially from low-cost flyer Southwest Airlines.

If you need to get to the airport by car you can save both time and money and pay for the Texas Airport Parking in advance. Or you can choose a Texas airport shuttle to quickly get you to the airport and back.

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Where to stay

There are of course loads of hotels in Dallas, and many of them cater more to business travelers so there is a lot on the high end, but there are plenty of budget options as well. For those on the tightest of budgets you'll be happy to know there are a few actual hostels in Dallas, and also a few other budget hotels listed alongside the hostels.

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