Updated 2016

Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah and one of the largest in the in Southwest region of the US. It's known as the center of the Mormon faith.

The 2002 Olympics made the city quite popular although the mountain resorts have always been popular among tourists. The resorts are popular for the fluffy snowfalls which make the area perfect for skiing.

What to do

The 2002 Olympics were held in Salt Lake City and it made the location even more popular among winter sports enthusiasts. While during winter you can try your luck at numerous winter sports, during the warmer months you can explore the mountains by hiking or mountain biking. Golf is also popular around here.

Temple Square is the most visited location in Utah. It's located right in the center of Salt Lake City and there are exhibitions about the Mormon faith. The non-Mormons are not allowed in the temple.

Sugar House is the oldest and most interesting neighborhoods in the city. Lately it's become the home of hip shops and the fashionable youth of the city. Close by you'll find the Sugar House Park , which has some nice walking trails , baseball fields and basketball courts. On July 4 each year it's home to some of the most beautiful fireworks display in Utah.

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Getting there

The easiest way to get to Salt Lake City is to fly here. Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is the third largest hub for Delta Airlines, which means finding a fight to Salt Lake City is easy. Several other airlines use Salt Late City as major hub.

If you drive to the airport, you can save both money and time on Salt Lake City airport parking by reserving it in advance. Another good option is to reserve the Salt Lake City airport shuttle in advance.

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Where to stay

If you watched the Olympics you should know that they weren't exactly held in Salt Lake City, but in Park City. Reason enough for any traveler to look for hotels in Park City when traveling to Salt Lake City. The city is filled with resorts.

For the backpackers there are enough hostels in Salt Lake City to choose from. The cheapest beds cost around $15.00 per night.