BootsnAll Expert Travel Articles

Is there some aspect of indie travel that you know better than just about anyone?

Can you write an authoritative article on that subject?

We know there are many excellent writers out there who are experts on certain specific topics, and we’d like to help you share your expertise on whatever subject or subjects are dear to you by publishing your expert articles on BootsnAll.

What We’re Looking For

These articles need to cover a subject thoroughly, and it has to be a subject that isn’t so broad you can’t cover it in a single article, and that isn’t so narrow that it will only appeal to a select few readers. They have to be about topics that others will be curious about when they are planning a trip of their own, but that haven’t already been covered all over the web.

They also need to directly relate to the ideas of indie travel – experiencing the world first-hand, interacting with locals, and learning to see the world as a nuanced place in shades of grey. Before you pitch any ideas, take a look at our Indie Travel Manifesto to see if your story seems like a good fit.

Some examples of articles that fit into the expert category are:

We are open to any ideas you might have. If you’re familiar with our feature articles program and wondering how this is different, here is how we differentiate the two.

In the case of our Feature Articles Program, articles need to be broadly appealing and usually come with some research. With our Expert Travel Articles program, we are looking for subjects that other travelers will continue to need help with, now and into the future. These expert articles could be longer than features, but they come from your existing in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Expert Articles are generally divided into several subheadings to organize the information. They should cover everything a person needs to know on the subject, or show the person where they can find additional info.  Like features, photos are important, and there should be one for each subheading.

And don’t forget to check the BootsnAll Editorial Calendar regularly to see if there are any topics coming up that fit within your exiting knowledge base.

Expert Article Requirements & Rights Information

  • Word Count: 1,200+ words
  • Pay: $30 for any published article.
  • Photos: One big, beautiful, eye-catching photo (that tells the same story as the text) is required for each subheading in your article. The photos don’t have to be yours – they just need to be Creative Commons licensed.
  • Publication Rights: We are only interested in articles that aren’t yet published, and BootsnAll owns all future rights to the paid pieces you publish through us. If you prefer to maintain future rights, please submit your article through our unpaid articles program.

How to Submit an Expert Article Pitch

Info on how to submit a pitch is here.