BootsnAll Traveler Articles/Guest Posts

Have a blog you’d like to promote on BootsnAll? We’re always accepting guest posts and unpaid traveler articles that focus on indie travel.

In exchange for your quality, well-written, useful and interesting travel article or story, we’ll give you a short bio and a link to your personal blog or website (no commercial websites – if you’re a commercial website, you want to look into sponsored posts), plus exposure to hundreds of thousands of readers.  Each traveler article and guest post go out to our Daily Dose Subscribers every single day, which at the time of writing (October 2013) was over 5100 people and growing every day.

What we’re looking for:

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post or writing a traveler article, here’s what we’re looking for and what you need to know:

  • Articles that doesn’t quite fit into our paid feature articles program.
  • Articles on destinations that aren’t quite big or popular enough to be worthy of a feature.
  • Articles about one aspect of a country.
  • Expert information that we may have already covered in a feature but still provides good, well-written information.
  • Articles that may have fit our paid programs, but that the writer doesn’t want to relinquish the rights to, are also ideal for this program.
  • If you work for a company and would like links to a commercial website, please see our sponsored post info.

Some examples of great guest post and traveler article include:

Some examples of guest post and traveler articles that are not a good fit include:

  • Reviews of individual hotels, restaurants, attractions, or tour operators
  • Travel diary posts that give a play-by-play of every single thing you did on your trip
  • Anything that is not travel related
  • Anything with extensive grammar or spelling errors, anything under 800 words or over 2500 words, anything “spammy” or overtly promotional, or anything deemed to be offensive or blatantly false

Requirements: What We Need From You

  • Word Count: 1000-1500 words is preferred, though the word count will actually relate more to the topic of the article and to the number of points covered within it. Posts less than 800 words or longer than 2500 words will not be accepted.
  • Content: Content must be original and of high quality. Anything we categorize as spam (anything that is overtly promotional towards a specific company, hotel, etc) or which requires extensive editing to correct grammar and spelling errors, or which has too much extra HTML code to remove will not be published.
  • Photos: At least 3-4 eye-catching photos (that tell the same story as the text) are required for each subheading. The photos don’t have to be yours – they just need to be Creative Commons licensed and sized to 640px. Submissions without photos will not be accepted.
  • Publication Rights: You retain all rights to your work, though we ask that you not publish it elsewhere for at least six months after publication.

Benefits: What You Get From Us

  • Links: At the bottom of your guest post, you’ll receive a short bio and a link to your personal blog/site. We will not link out to businesses or other travel services. If you are a business looking to advertise on BootsnAll, please see our information on Sponsored Posts
  • Exposure: Your piece will be read by thousands of people around the world, increasing the exposure for your writing and for your personal site or blog.

Instructions For Submitting Traveler Articles:

Before you send us anything, please read our sections on Rights & Copyright and Benefits & Guidelines. These explain more about BootsnAll, its editorial policies, compensation for and benefits to writers, and status of any applicable rights and copyrights, especially syndication rights. And if you have questions, please send us a note.

  1. Copy and paste your finished article (text only) into a program like Notepad or Textpad (don’t copy directly from Word, please) into our online submission form
  2. Add in whatever formatting you want (bold, italics, links, lists, etc.) using the buttons on the submission form
  3. Complete the rest of the form, including a teaser for the article and your short bio and link to your blog or website
  4. Upload photos for your article, edited to 640 pixels wide on their longest side (you can find many free online photo editing programs that let you re-size your photos quickly and easily.  Gimp is my personal favorite)
  5. Include a short note at the end of the article (clearly marked, so it can be edited out) to indicate which photos go where in the article