BootsnAll Video Program

Get your video published at BootsnAll where it will be viewed by thousands of Indie travelers.

BootsnAll is all about Indie Travel. As Indie Travelers, we travel for reasons other than to just see a place. We travel to connect with others, to learn, to define ourselves, to grow mentally and spiritually, and for other reasons you’ll find in our Indie Travel Manifesto.

If your video is something Indie travelers want to see, then we’re interested in sharing it! It can be about a place, a person, a thing, an event, a cause — but it must relate to Indie Travel.

We are looking for videos that:

1. Are between 2-3 minutes long.
2. Tell a captivating story.
3. Have a compelling “character” (doesn’t necessarily have to be a person – could be the destination).
4. Are done professionally
5. Help people connect or relate to each other in a more meaningful way.
6. Are visually or audibly stunning.
7. Are funny and/or engaging.
8. Inspire travelers to a greater purpose.
9. Promote Indie Travel.

Ask yourself: “Why would an indie traveler want to watch this?” If you can’t easily answer that question, then it’s probably not right for us to publish and share with our audience.

How do I submit my video?

1. Send a link to your video to with the subject line “Video Submission”
2. We review it and get back to you.
3. If we like it, we publish it on the BootsnAll Travel Network’s YouTube Account and throughout the BootsnAll Travel Network where it will be seen by thousands of Indie Travelers. You get the credit.
4. If you have an idea for a video that you think may fit within our guidelines, use the pitch form to submit your idea. An editor will get back to you after he has a chance to review it.