Rights & Copyright / Author Agreement

Rights & Copyright

Perhaps the thorniest issue for writers and publishers is who retains what as far as rights and copyright go. We know it’s a concern for a lot of our writers, and we want to be sure you understand how we operate when it comes to this side of writing.

The bottom line is that the question of who retains what rights when it comes to BootsnAll articles depends on what kind of article you’re publishing with us. What does that mean? Simply this – if you’re publishing something through our unpaid articles program, you retain all rights and copyright; and if you’re publishing something through one of our paid articles programs, BootsnAll retains all future rights.

Here’s a bit more detail about both:

BootsnAll Unpaid Articles Program

  • BootsnAll doesn’t infringe upon you or your rights in any way.
  • You retain copyright and all rights. BootsnAll does not procure exclusive rights or prohibit you from using your work elsewhere or in any other way.
  • You give BootsnAll the right to display your story indefinitely (we do not remove articles published on the site)
  • We do retain the right to edit your submissions.
  • We ask that we can syndicate and reproduce your content elsewhere. However, we do not ask that you make that right exclusive to BootsnAll.
  • If you don’t want us to syndicate your content, you need to let us know, but whether or not you allow us to do so has no bearing on BootsnAll publishing your work.

BootsnAll Paid Articles Programs

  • BootsnAll owns all future rights.
  • We are only interested in publishing articles that have not been published elsewhere.

We know that copyright and rights can be difficult to sort out, so we hope this all makes sense. If you have any questions, by all means send us an email and let us know.

Where to next?

Author Agreement

BootsnAll is all about publishing travel stories by travelers at all levels of experience and from all backgrounds – we’re not about making it confusing or intimidating to do so.

The vast majority of the stories we publish on our site are articles we don’t pay for, so for those we don’t take your copyright from you. For the stories we do pay for, BootsnAll does own all future rights to those articles. That’s it in a nutshell.

If retaining your rights to your content is what’s most important to you, then we suggest you submit your articles through our unpaid articles program (the online article submission form is here).

>> For the unpaid articles:

  • You retain your copyright, and you retain your rights.
  • By uploading content, you grant BootsnAll a non-exclusive world-wide license to the content submitted. You will receive a percentage of any revenue that a paid syndication contract produces.
  • You also agree that BootsnAll will not be required to remove the article, under any circumstances.

We have a contract you can fill out if you’d like to that spells out our paid syndication program. You’re not obligated to fill it out in order to submit an unpaid article, but if you’d like to take a look at it and fill it out online you can do that here.

If you’d like to learn more about the kinds of articles we pay for, you’ll find information about our Feature Articles and our Expert Travel Articles program here.

>> For the paid articles, BootsnAll owns all future rights.

We hope that makes sense, and please drop us an email if you have questions.