Who Writes for BootsnAll?

Lots and lots of different people. Our writers come from, live and travel all over the world. They are people of all ages, of all walks of life. Some are very serious about being professional travel writers; some use BootsnAll as a way to build a portfolio as they try to break in to the writing biz. Some people just want to talk about travel, to share their experiences and what they’ve learned with others.

It’s an amazing mix of people, styles, voices and experiences. We want our readers to be able to learn more about our writers. We’ve been asking writers to send in a little something about themselves, and we’ve set up a section exclusively for author bios and profiles where you can learn about the people behind the words. It’s a cool bunch of folks. We hope you’ll send some writing of your own along, and can join us.

Over 1000 folks have written an article for BootsnAll since 1999. Why not add your name to the list o