Write and Update Our Indie Travel Guides

BootsnAll has a large collection of Indie Travel Guides for all the continents, regions, countries, and cities of the world.  These are always in the process of being updated to reflect the constant changes around the world.

We are currently in the midst of updating all our guides, and we want your help!

What we want

Do you fancy yourself an expert in a particular region, country, or city?  Do you have a blog or website that highlights that region, country, or city?  Are you interesting in forming a partnership with BootsnAll where you become the ambassador for the particular location you’re interested in writing about?  Then we want you to help update our Indie Travel Guides.

How to get involved?

Check out the list of destinations we want to get started with, then contact us via our pitch page and tell us what region/country/city you’re interested in updating. Tell us why you would be a great ambassador for that destination and for BootsnAll. How do you embrace the spirit of indie travel?

How does it work?

We have a specific template to follow, and we have a specific list of regions, countries, and cities that we want to start with. After you send us a pitch and we agree to work together, you’ll be working with the BootsnAll editor to update the current page based on our new template.

What we want is for you to be our ambassador for the destinations you write about.

What does a BootsnAll ambassador mean?

Part of what BootsnAll is all about is building meaningful relationships and surrounding ourselves with a group of like-minded individuals. As an ambassador, we would post a picture and profile of you and your site/blog on any page you write and update.

This relationship is a two-way street. So if you are our Colombia ambassador, for example, you would update the Colombia Indie Travel Guide and any cities in Colombia that you are familiar with. Your photo, profile, and link would be on every one. When any member of our team at BootsnAll had contact with a traveler planning a trip to Colombia, whether someone adding it their multi-stop flight on Indie, looking for hostels, or simply inquiring about travel in that country on any of our social media outlets, we would send them to you for help.

On the flip side, if you come into contact with travelers looking to plan an indie trip or find multi-stop plane tickets, then send them our way! As the world is constantly changing, many of these guides will most likely need some annual updating, so we view this as a long-lasting partnership.


Here are a few examples of the most recently updated Indie Travel Guides, and this is the template you would be following: