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The Kingdom of Swaziland
General Information

Swaziland is a landlocked country located in the north east of South Africa, bordered to the north-east by Mozambique. Click here for an interactive map.

Getting there and around

From South Africa:
The cheapest, quickest and easiest option, through not the most preferable, is to take a minibus. Running everyday to and from Jo’burg and Durban costs R60, and from Nelspruit for R45.

The Baz Bus also runs through Swaziland, and will drop you at your chosen accommodation or the pick up point. The Baz however, is not a direct route and takes three times as long.

From Mozambique:
Take a minibus to or from Maputo for R45. If you are heading toward Maputo, the driver will drop you at a hostel for a small fee.

Within Swaziland, travelling around is relatively simple and safe. Buses and minibuses link most destinations, and hitching is commonplace and easy. Although the majority of Swazis speak both Siswati and English, it helps to know the exact pronunciation of your destination in advance.

Swaziland web sites
Good websites for information on Swaziland are few and far between, these are a selection of the best:


  • The Official Swaziland Tourism Board website is a good place to look if you are looking for further basic information.


  • is an in depth business directory with excellent information about Swaziland, including detailed information about Swazi culture and events.


  • Africa Guide is possibly the best website for general information on travel within Africa.


  • Swazi Business is a comprehensive listing of accommodations for all budgets.


  • Coast to Coast is a free backpackers guide available across Southern Africa with info on hostels.


  • Big Game Reserves gives information about Mlilwane, Hlane and Mkhaya, as well as accommodation within the reserves.


  • SwaziTrails is the big adventure tour operator offering white water rafting, caving, climbing, horse riding, abseiling, hiking and paragliding.

    A few statistics…

    Area: 17,363 sq. km (6,704 sq. miles)

    Capital: Mbabane

    Population: 1 million

    Official Languages: Siswati & English

    Climate: Four topographical and climate areas. Warm and wet summers with temperatures up to 33°C. Dry winters that can reach a low of �4.5°C Spring and Autumn.

    Time Zone: GMT +2 Hours

    Statistics from SIPA

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