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Sean E. Keener: Co-Founder and CEO


Sean exposing himself to new experiences

Sean grew up in Chicago, Illinois and began his journey in 1994 with a year of study at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. His studies and travels there inspired him as he met travellers from all over the world. He quickly learned that a holiday can be more than 1 week next to the pool in warm weather. Following his return to Chicago and graduation from University, he departed 1996 on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland with 3 Australian friends.

He has since continued his journey alone through countries such as Ireland, France, Greece, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Tibet, Kazakstan, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand and his native United States. Sean is known for his limitless enthusiasm, voracious appetite for learning, an uncanny resemblance to Silent Bob.

In 2009, Sean gave his girlfriend at the time the ultimate test…travel together for 4 months. She passed and they married later that year. As of 2013, he is the father of 1 boy, and twin identical daughters. He is planning 6 months in New Zealand starting in late 2013.

Sean’s BootsnAll Traveler Profile | Sean’s Blog

Chris J. Heidrich: Co-Founder, Community and Trip Planning

Director of N'All

Look at all the pretty colours!

Chris is from Brisbane, Australia and began his journey in 1996 with some friends on a trip to Chicago to pick up Sean, and then on to England to see the Euro ’96 football tournament. Thus began a steep learning curve as he realised the folly in trying to haul 4 pairs of shoes wherever he went.

Since then, he has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland answering telephones; Stoke Poges, England as a guinea pig for clinical drug tests and as a bartender (mandatory for Aussies in the UK); and Gardiner, Montana as a breakfast cook for scary looking guys that spoke in grunts.

These days Chris calls Auckland, New Zealand home after spending the better part of 8 years in Portland Oregon. Most everything you see on BootsnAll has passed through his hands one time or another so you know who to email if it’s broken or you simply can’t find what you’re looking for!

Chris’ BootsnAll Traveler Profile | Feel free to contact Chris: chris at bootsnall dot com

Dave Keener: Traveler Service, Travel Insurance, Eurail, and RTW Tickets

Dave Keener: BootsnAll Expert on Everything

Dave just knows stuff

Dave’s name pops up around the BootsnAll sites with some regularity, and with good reason. He’s our numero uno customer service rep, and (as the saying goes) he’s forgotten more about RTW tickets, travel insurance and Eurail passes than most of us will ever hope to know.

If you’ve got a question about the products or services offered by BootsnAll, Dave’s the man to talk to. And if you’re not in his time zone, don’t worry – he doesn’t sleep much. He’s likely to answer the phone before the roosters are even awake.

Feel free to contact Dave: dave at bootsnall dot com
He is also reachable via the chat feature on Indie and Skype via username DaveKeener

Adam Seper: Features Editor and RTW Travel Expert

Adam manages all of the epic Indie Travel Content across the BootsnAll travel network and works with dozens of writers that are on the road via BootsnAll Travel Writing Programs.

Adam is an experienced RTW traveler, loves his hometown sports teams in St. Louis, and is fond of large dogs and laughing.

Adam’s BootsnAll Traveler Profile

Riel Manriquez: General Manager

Check out Riel’s traveler profile here.
Riel manages our Agile Programming Team and is Product Manager for Indie. Riel loves to talk to customers and learn how he can help make our site and software better. Riel is based in Portland, Oregon where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Riel’s BootsnAll Traveler Profile

Cristina Puscas: Researcher, Writer, and Traveler Advocate

Cristina ProfileCristina has researched, written articles, and been a positive influence at BootsnAll for many years. She loves budget travel around Europe and can provide detailed advice for travel to Greece. She is based out of Arad, Romania where she lives with her loving husband.

Cristina’s BootsnAll Traveler Profile