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If you’ve dreamed of traveling the world but are overwhelmed with where to start, you’ve found the right place. This free 30-day guide will walk you through all the details to plan, save, and travel the globe no matter your timeframe or budget.

Thirty different planning steps are covered, like how to pack, where to go (and when), how to budget and save, figuring out visa issues and insurance, making your trip resume worthy, and learning about your airfare options, among others. If you complete RTW30, you WILL be prepared to hit the road!

Here is a sample of topics covered in the Original Edition of RTW30:

Day 2
What Is Your Why?
Day 3
Where To Go?
Day 15
Day 12
Airfare Options
'Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.'
Day 17
Day 13
Overland Travel
Day 21
Packing Guide
Day 23
Day 29
Working On The Road? Your Career?
'Oh, the places you'll go!'

"I enjoyed the RTW30e-course and it gave me plenty of ideas to work on when I finally do my RTW trip. But, I'm still trying to sell a home at present and so am not in a position to set sail. However, I did manage a 3 week trip to N.Z. last December, a place I had always wanted to go to and it certainly lived up to my expectations. I think doing the RTW30 e-course made me realize I could plan a trip to be as independent as possible without resorting to all the professionals out there. By booking on line I saved myself a lot of money both in air fares and accommodation costs."
Janet Bartlett

(Photo of the boat trip out on Milford Sound - New Zealand)

"I loved the RTW30 as it helped me focus my thoughts. I found especially useful the advoce about how far in advance to book air tickets...really helped, got it all sorted early."
Sles Scovell

(Photo of me on a train going from Mannar to Kueunegala, Sri Lanka, country number 4 of 7)

"There are many reasons that most folks do not do put their lives on hold for a year to explore the world. So many of these reasons, however, are perceived and not real barriers. While it takes an incredible commitment to take this giant leap, if well planned, a trip like the one we are taking -- 11 months to 14 countries -- is within the realm of possibilities for many. An important part of making it happen is research and preparation. We are fortunate that we stumbled across the RTW30 e-course, as it provided a series of guideposts that helped bring us from the dream of this trip to its reality."
Dennis Guikema & Trish Hylton

(Photo, Nov 2015, Everest Region, Nepal)

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