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What’s in the E-Course

Plan your RTW (Round the World) trip in 30 days is a 30-day e-course designed to give you all the tools necessary to plan your big trip. Over 14,000 travelers have taken our RTW30 (for short) course, which launched in February 2013. If you’ve committed to taking a big trip and don’t know where to start, this is the place you want to be! If you’re still in the dreaming stage and trying to decide, you can still find plenty of value in RTW30, as it will give you a glimpse into what is necessary to plan a long-term trip.

In addition to the original version of RTW30, which you can sign up for on this page, BootsnAll also offers FOUR alternate versions of this free e-course, each offering their own unique highlights depending on what type of traveler you are and what you hope to get out of your trip.

All courses will walk you through the nitty gritty details of planning a long-term trip.

See the table of contents below for what to expect each day from the original version of the course.

Day 1 The RTW Checklist

Introducing the RTW Checklist and explaining what the course is all about.

Day 2 What is your why?

Asking yourself why? you’re taking this trip will help shape your route and figure out the details.

Day 3 How to Decide Where to Go

The world is HUGE! How do you figure out where to go on a trip like this?

Day 4 Costs of Long-Term Travel

Travel isn’t cheap, but it isn’t nearly as expensive as society and the media make it out to be.

Day 5 Cutting Expenses

Tips and advice for cutting current expenses to add to your travel fund.

Day 6 What to do with All Your Stuff

A great part of planning a trip like this is downsizing and selling stuff to add to your trip fund.

Day 7 How Soon Can You Go?

Breaking down your trip budget, current expenses, current savings, and savings plan to connect the dots and predict a departure date.

Day 8 First Week Recap

Offering a breather and a chance to reach out to our experts for help.

Day 9 What to do About Your Job

Quit? Ask for a sabbatical? What are your options when you want to travel long-term?

Day 10 Telling Family and Friends

You will be met with skepticism by some. Have a plan for how you deal with the naysayers.

Day 11 Why Slow Travel is Important

A long-term trip is vastly different than a one-week vacation. Find out why you should plan some time for slow travel.

Day 12 Choosing Your Airfare Option

There are lots of misconceptions about airfare options for a trip like this. Learn about all of them before making your decision.

Day 13 Overland Travel

Flying everywhere is expensive, and you’re going to travel overland a lot during your trip. Learn more about the intricacies of overland travel around the world.

Day 14 Solidifying Your Route

In day 3 we discuss choosing your pillars. Today we connect the dots and start solidifying your route.

Day 15 Sorting Out Visas for Your Trip

Visas are different for each country and for each nationality. Find out how to navigate this process.

Day 16 How to Stay Motivated During Planning

For many, planning a trip like this can take years. Questioning oneself and dealing with planning burnout is normal. Learn how to beat the travel planning blues and stay on track.

Day 17 All You Need to Know About Immunizations

Figuring out the immunization puzzle can be complicated and confusing. Let us walk you through all you need to know.

Day 18 Choosing Travel Insurance

What’s necessary? How do you decide what’s necessary? What companies are best for certain types of travel? All these questions, and more, are answered today.

Day 19 Choosing the Right Bag for You

Your backpack or suitcase will become your best friend during your trip. Don’t let it become your nemesis.

Day 20 Which Gadgets Will You Bring

Are you using this trip as a chance to unplug? Or are you trying to find a way to live a location independent life? Your goals will guide what, and how much, to bring in terms of gadgets.

Day 21 The Ultimate Packing List

First time long-term travelers obsess over what clothes to bring and how to pack their bags. Let us simplify things for you.

Day 22 What to do with Your Housing

What you do will depend on if you currently rent or own. Today we’re walking you through all available options, including some you may not have thought of before.

Day 23 Accommodation Options for Your Trip

There are WAY more options than just hostels and hotels. Learn about Couchsurfing, house-sitting, house-swapping, and more.

Day 24 Planning Your Return to the Workforce

Whether your goal is to turn this into a lifestyle or just take a break from your current job, you’re going to have to work again some day. Let’s discuss the options, shall we?

Day 25 Automate Your Finances

Make paying bills and managing your finances easy while you’re away. There’s lots of resources out there to help you.

Day 26How to Stay Safe on the Road Con

Let Mom know you’ve thought long and hard about this aspect of travel, and that you’re prepared to keep yourself safe during your trip.

Day 27 Staying Healthy on the Road

With just a few simple tips, you can increase your chances of staying healthy on the road. While you’re bound to get sick at some point, learn the strategies for what to do when that happens.

Day 28 What Banks and Credit Cards are Best for Travel?

If you don’t do your due diligence on this step, you could pay hundreds of dollars in unnecessary fees while gone.

Day 29 What To Expect When You Return

Even though you’re still planning and haven’t even left for your trip yet, there are things you can do now to make your transition back to a regular life easier.

Day 30 Staying Connected and Starting a Blog

It’s easier than even to stay connected during your trip. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?