Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days – Original Edition

Round-The-World 30 is a FREE, thirty day email series that takes you through the process of planning long-term travel

Join over 15.000 travelers who have taken our RTW30 Course!

Join over 15.000 travelers who have taken our RTW30 Course!

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Here’s the definitive plan for how to take a gap year and make it count.

For those looking for the ultimate checklist and planning guide for taking that long-awaited trip around the world, you’ve found the right place. This free 30-day guide will give you all the details you need to plan, save, and circumnavigate the globe on any time or budget.

Everything you need to know is included; how to pack, where to go (and when), how to budget, figuring out visa issues and insurance, even how to stay healthy and connected while on the road. Once you’ve completed the RTW guide all that’s left is purchasing the fare and heading on your way.

Here are some topics covered in the RTW30 Original Edition:

Day 2
What Is Your Why?
Day 3
Where To Go?
Day 15
Day 12
Airfare Options
'Travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.'
Day 17
Day 13
Overland Travel
Day 21
Packing Guide
Day 23
Day 29
Working On The Road? Your Career?
'Oh, the places you'll go!'

"I have read a lot of travel blogs in the last 6 months. Your "plan your trip in 30 days" e-course was, by far, the most helpful and relevant material I have read. You covered all the critical topics, got folks thinking of what they needed to do to make a journey of a lifetime happen and start making those plans. I will come back to review this material often and I have recommended you to all my traveling friends. Keep up the great work!!"

"Really helpful information and I actually looked forward to the email every day. Very informative and I liked how the email was a short description with more information linked to the website. I also enjoyed reading the quotes/stories at the end. I definitely feel a lot more prepared than I did 30 days ago! I liked how the information is spread out over the 30 days instead of all at once. It helped to digest the information more readily."

"I found the tips and articles to be very useful and wonderful sources of needed information. There was plenty of real, honest, humorous, and insightful nuggets, to really help the soon to be traveler. I learned so much and my comfort level with making a RTW trip soared as a result of doing this course. Thank you."

Join over 15.000 travelers who have taken our RTW30 Course!