Gap Year 30 Parents is a FREE thirty day email series

An email each day for a month will help you assist your child in preparing to travel the world!

There can be nothing more daunting than the idea of your child traveling to distant lands for long periods of time. However, we believe that taking some real time to travel, whether it’s after high school or between college and their first big job, will only help continue your child’s education. Only the classroom will be out in the world!

RTW30: Gap Year Parents Edition is a free e-course written by parents for parents. Topics include how gap years will help your son or daughter prepare for the real world, planning an itinerary you’re both comfortable with, healthcare, safety, immunizations, and ideas to help out financially, among otherse. By the end of the 30-day course you’ll be more than prepared to see your student off for her adventure of a lifetime!