You're just as likely to meet guerillas as gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) and that's not a good thing.

Although you can spend weeks and weeks in the wilds of the DR Congo without encountering another person, you may have problems when you do. The country has long had a reputation as a volatile, violent region and although the area has been peaceful for awhile, it is unstable and could erupt at any time.

What to do

If the Democratic Republic of the Congo does stabilize, there are certainly a few things that should bring in travelers. There are six parks recognized by UNESCO for their beauty and uniqueness in the DR Congo, each one full of African wildlife and amazing animals that you won't see anywhere in the world.

Getting there

There are non-daily flights from Europe to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as international flights from South Africa. Bus travel is possible but quite rugged from Uganda and travelers from all nations will need a visa to get into the country.

Where to stay

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been without tourists for so long that the tourism infrastructure and hospitality industry is far behind European standards. Five star hotels are more like two stars and there are a very few number of places that are even open for travelers.