The Western Sahara territory is one of the few unclaimed regions in the world. Claims to its territory are under dispute-Morocco annexed a large portion when Mauritania withdrew- but at the moment, not many entities are interested in the region. The coastline is rocky and rough, the inland areas are inhospitable and too rugged to travel; the entire area is basically unfriendly to humans.

Because of this, Western Sahara has one of the least concentrated populations in the world. Nomads traveling through the desert make up most of the people in this desert region.

Getting there

If you do travel to Western Sahara, flights land in El Auin. Mostly local flights, to the Canary Islands and Morocco let you into the area. There is one international flight from Spain, Western Sahara's former colonizer.

Where to stay

There are few hotels and almost no infrastructure in Western Sahara. The local customs include hospitality rituals, so travelers will be served tea at least, although not guaranteed a place to spend the night.