Virginia Beach, Virginia

In Virginia Beach there are more things to do than a person can possibly do on a short trip. Almost all of the things are interesting and fun for people of all ages.

Going to Virginia Beach on a limited budget is something that is relatively easy to do, if you have someplace to stay lined out before you get there, and there is someone who can show you the sights. When I go, I stay with a friend of mine so I do not have to worry about the possibly most expensive part of the trip and I can enjoy my time more. If you know someone in the area, I recommend staying with him or her if at all possible.

The beach area of Virginia Beach is truly lovely. On my recent trip to see Virginia Beach, which was my first trip to see the ocean, I was amazed by the fact that the ocean came right into the city. I knew that "Beach" was in the name of the city, but for some reason I thought you would have to drive a bit to get to the ocean. However, that was not the case. I knew that we were going to park and walk, but I did not realize that the walk would only be a couple of blocks.

Nearing the ocean the temperature of the air changed to a much cooler and moist feeling. For May the temperature was about 90°F, which was very warm for that time of year. Being from Texas it did not bother me in the least.

There was a "boardwalk," but there were no boards. It was not what I had really expected. The boardwalk was actually like a cement street where people could rollerblade, walk, and jog. There was also a bike trail for bicyclers to ride on. This boardwalk was between the hotels and the beach.

The part of the beach that I saw was not like the beaches that you see on Baywatch, although there were lifeguards along the beachfront. It was a somewhat thin beach with regular people. Beaches are often described in Texas as dirty and trashy. This one was very neat and tidy. Although it was not exactly tourist season yet, I was amazed at the number of people who were beet red from being sunburned who were constantly going in and out of the sun. I thought maybe they had never heard of sunscreen.

I did not get in the water or even on the sand for that matter. I had thought we were going to have to walk a distance, so I had worn tennis shoes and socks and did not want sand in my socks. There is an area on the boardwalk that has little fountains where people can wash off their feet. Being so mesmerized by the rolling ocean and the people playing in the water was plenty for a first time visit.

Seeing the ocean through the eyes of a child, I thought that the water was beautiful. The ocean was the color of dark sapphires and the waves were soft. Small children were playing in the water and not being knocked down by the waves. My friend informed me that the darker water out in the ocean was a sand bar and that for the most part it kept out the sharks. SCAREY!!!

He also said that the dolphins sometimes get on the inside of the sand bar, and they swim with some of the swimmers. The dolphins do not like the sharks and pretty much keep them out of the area. The dolphins will actually hit the sharks, like a torpedo, injuring or even killing the sharks. So as you might guess the sharks are not real fond of the dolphins either.

The water was calm and it looked beautiful. I cannot wait until I go back and actually swim in the ocean on my next visit. I will be sure to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, sandals and my exuberant excitement for things that are fresh and new. I hope that everyone has the same impression of the ocean as I got from my very first visit.

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