Tips and Advice – Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico – Tips and Advice

#1 – Getting Around
Across the street from the Gringo Lingo Bar you will see a number of cabs. In the late afternoon, ask around the drivers for Raul. He is an old friend. If you find him tell him I (paylone) sent you. You could ask for no better assistant, driver, guide or friend for the city. He has a cab and a nice big Chevy van for hire.

He knows the place like the back of his hand. I trust him with my life and have on numerous occassions. Also check with the waiters in the bar, they all know him. If any of you find him before I get back down there, would you get his phone # for me and email it to I lost his card.

#2 – Drinking
Drinking in the Zone can be quite expensive. To curb this cost, go into any of the little stores along the strip and buy your beer by the quart and carry it out on to the beach. Take some kind of small shoulder bag and a bunch of plastic sacks like you get in the store here in the States. Ask the guy in the store for some ice and they will usually let you dump some in your bag. Bring the bottle back, there’s a deposit on it. Bring a church key. There are no twist tops. If you plonk yourself on the beach in front of Joe’s Oyster Bar you also get free music.

#3 – Happy Hour
During the day walk around the area a lot of the less popular bars have happy hours at different times where you can get two and sometimes three drinks for the price of one.

#4 – Stone Island
This is a good one. Get a cab to drive you to the boat dock for Stone Island. DON’T book a tour…it sucks. Once there hop one of the little ferrys, about 25¢ for a round trip ticket. It’s a 10 minute boat ride over to the island. Once there you have crossed the time barrier.

Hop in another cab and ask him to take you to Victor’s Restaurant on the beach. He will drive you to the end of a road. Step out of the cab. Face the beach.


Cantina on Stone Island

On your right is my friend Trini’s house. If You see him, say hi. If possible bring him some rolling papers (this could prove very important later).

On your left is the cantina, Trini’s brother is the bartender. Ice cold beer 50 cents.

Behind you and to your left is a little blue house, next to it are two small cabins. The lady that owns these lives in the house right behind the blue house. Remember this.


Victor and his family cooking lunch

Now after you’ve had a nice cold Pacifico walk out onto the beach. Turn right. There. Up ahead about 100 yards on your right is Victor’s. Carry on. This is island life at its finest. Say hello to Victor and his wife Alma. Tell them Capp sent you. Prepare yourself for some of the best in local food, beer, and hospitality. The beer is 60 cents because he has to walk over to the cantina and get it.

When you are ready to leave, walk back up to the main road, a cab will appear. reverse the process. Now, if you rented one of those machines I told you about you can drive out to this island. When you rent it head out towards the airport and watch for a sign on your right that says “isla de piedra” or Stone Island. Turn right. Find Victor’s.

Now, it is quite possible between the cantina, Victor’s, and the many little establishments that dot the beach that time has slipped away on you. This happens. This is also where the little old lady behind the blue house comes in. She rents those two little cabins for 3 to 5 bucks a night depending on how good your Spanish is. If they are rented, check with Trini. He’ll let you flop on his spread for a buck or two and you’re safe there. I hope you remembered to bring a blanket or two. And mosquito repellent is a must.

In the morning, around the back of Victor’s you’ll find a nice shower. Might as well stay for lunch and maybe one beer……….
More pictures of Stone Island in the Photo Gallery.

#5 – Adults Only
For information pertaining to Adult night life, contact me.


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