It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #24: Pocospelos – Martinique


She doesn’t have too much hair and she’s four months old. Those who took Spanish will know the title, it’s the name of my dog, it means “few hair”, or “little hair”. I don’t know how to translate it to make you get the picture. I found her on the pontoon one night as I was coming back from the Grenadines. She’s sweet and playful and has such a cute little bald tummy that I couldn’t keep from adopting her. She lived with my friends the skippers for two months in a house that I too shared with them once I quit the job at the Calebasse, about two weeks before heading back to Spain.

The poor thing left her enormous garden in Martinique to come home to Spain with me last week. She got her rabies shot and a killer 15 hours in a cage down there with the luggage of the plane. When I got her back she could hardly stand up, she had the highest temperature. Of course, even when I had to pay, no one had given her any water or let her out to pee in all that time. She lost all her defenses thanks to the stupid vaccine and along with the trip, the change of place and the change of climate, I’m lucky to have her here now.

Now she’s getting better from her dermatitis and her facial hair is slowly growing back. This month she’ll be five months of pure stray dog breed. She’s happy with my family and I’m teaching her to be a good backpacker that doesn’t get in the way of every bicycle she sees.

She must be ready to follow me on the next trip!!

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