It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe: Intro

Carmen Arufe in Australia
At 25, I’ve spent most of my “early-adulthood”, as my dad likes to put it, trying to decide if I should find a “real job” (more key words) in Journalism, the studies I dedicated 5 years of my life, or follow my natural inclination, go travelling around the world. As it happens, it’s hard to say no to your instincts, I know because my dog never learned to stop chasing seagulls on the beach, even though he never caught one.

So, while in college, in Spain, I stretched my summer holidays to the max. I had my luggage beside me at the last exam in June, and I sort of skipped the first month of school, because, you know, “everybody does anyway”, or so I told those back home.

I worked in Germany as a Au-Pair, in Yellowstone NP resort in the US, did my first ever backpacking in Italy and went skiing as much as I could in France. To finance all this I worked during the year as a Public Relations rep in a couple of clubs which, a) Paid for the trips and b) Let me know people that knew other people to make those trips cheaper.

Even if it seems impossible, I did finish my studies, and I did work as an intern for several local papers and radio & TV stations. I even collaborated with my university’s magazine. But, after graduation came inevitably the “And now what?” question.

I made a few weak attempts at finding a decent conventional job in the lines of what everybody expected. I gave up though, I guess I wasn’t looking too hard, because after finding the job I would have to find an excuse not to do it…I realised I should have a business mind and do a joint venture between my two favourites and become a travel writer.

I prepared kilos of resumes and serious cover letters to convince National Geographic that I was a raw talent and that they should take advantage of me before I’d become too expensive. After all, I was giving chances according to my preferences, and they were first in the list. What an environmental sin, all that wasted paper that never got sent. So, before I had time to reject the offer to film the last pandas, the Australian adventure fell from Heaven.

Like a blessing or a curse, depending if it’s me or my dad the story teller, I met a guy as graduated and as motivated to start his society duties as me. We spent a year down under, I wrote about it in the travel website eDreams. This was three years ago, the boyfriend doesn’t hold the title anymore, but it was the kick-start of a non-stop world working tour that’s still going on today. First Holland, then Turkey and now I’ve become a sailor, ha ha! don’t ask me how, I’ll have to learn on the job.

We’ll be departing from Mallorca in Spain, through the Canary Islands and off to the Caribbean during a four week journey where I’ll have to prove experience is nothing if you have the courage (translation, I’ll feed the fish regularly). Once there we’ll be hopping islands and spending time here and there until June or July when we’ll be crossing the Atlantic once more on the way back to Europe. For this reason I went all crazy and bought myself a groovy laptop intended to keep a journal of the most exciting adventure so far, in part because I’ll be able to save money, that’s exciting enough. Don’t you agree?

So, anyway, with the heart still warm with memories of Turkey and the mind set on the Ocean, I say take it easy and have a good trip.

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