Norfolk, England

Norfolk may not be your first thought as a destination. In fact, for most people it may as well be another world. The independent market is still developing, with hostels and campsites covering most of the county. There are no major travel routes passing though, so most people don’t have a reason to be here. Surely that is reason enough!

Many of those that do know the area think of it as a summer destination and there is nothing better than sun bathing on our hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, or enjoying the wealth of summer outdoor activities. However, take a moment. Think of the quiet months, when there aren’t school holidays and you can have the castles, country parks and glorious views all to yourself. Think of the beautiful clear days in January and February or the Autumn colours.

Norfolk is unique, if for nothing else the diversity of what it offers. Attractions vary from stately homes to bird reserves, and cosmopolitan Norwich to wide open countryside. Areas like the Broads and the north Norfolk coast are internationally recognised as sites of conservation and beauty.

Being a rural county you can escape the pollution and noise of the cities. Visit the weekly markets in towns like Fakenham and Swaffham, enjoy the local produce and seafood.

If it’s excitement you want there are many opportunities – sail, cycle, wind surf, kite and horse ride. Most Norfolk people would also point out the extraordinary number of great pubs!

For more information, visit Independent Traveller’s Norfolk.

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