Paget’s Belize Journal #16

October 8: The Quadrille, or, Lewis Carrol Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On

I offer here, an entire, unedited article from the online
version of the Belize Reporter Newspaper – one of four national
newspapers in the country (there are no local newspapers). Two
of them are produced by political parties, two are not. This
one is not. I am proud to be an adopted Dangrigan. But I wish
I lived in Belize City right now.


Culture House revives art of the Quadrille

Want to learn Quadrille dancing?

Have any idea what Quadrille dancing is?

If your answer is yes to the first question and no to the
second, the House of Culture has sprung to your rescue by offering
a three-month course in Quadrille dancing.

The course encompasses six cycles of the Spanish Quadrille,
a popular dance form of European origin which was brought to
Belize, then British Honduras, during the 18th century.

“Its popularity continued with the proliferation of many
dance clubs employing scores of ordinary Belizeans until the
latter part of this century when there was a gradual fading away,”
said Jason Guerrero, music coordinator at the House of Culture.

But while the Quadrille has been almost totally lost to most
of Belize, Guerrero said it has survived in Dangriga and Belize
City due to the efforts of people such as Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Jones, Francis Castillo, Ben Palacio, Joseph Ogaldez, Verona
Norales, James Ogaldez and a few others.

People interested in learning the culturally enriching dance
can contact the House of Culture in Belize City. The course will
be held on Monday and Thursday nights at the House of Culture
from 6 to 8 o’clock. The course costs $30.

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