Paget’s Belize Journal #2

Monday, June 14

Things are going well here in Belize, but it’s taken me this
long to get an e-mail connection operating via the account of
my hosts Tony and Therese.

Weather has been lovely, the rainy season here is so far mostly
at night. But we had a righteous thunder and lightening storm
on Thursday night. Talk about sitting straight up in bed!

Dangriga (the coastal town where I am staying) is very true
to its roots and little has changed in the last 50 years as far
as I can tell. It is an interesting mix of very rural and undeveloped
and “modern conveniences.” There is better-than-expected
plumbing, electricity and water, but terrible roads, a fair amount
of trash and garbage strewn about and dogs and chickens running
free. The telephone system is reasonably stable (a government
monopoly) and Internet service is very expensive. $60 US per
month for 10 hours of access.

I am doing a good job of mixing business and pleasure. Yesterday
I was invited on a trip to Carrie Bow Caye – a Smithsonian research
facility, which is being rebuilt after being totally destroyed
by Hurricane Mitch and then a fire. Those crystal clear Caribbean
waters really are. The picnic was conch seviche and potted meat
sandwiches, Famous Amos cookies (a treat brought in by Belize
City visitors) and fresh pineapple.

I am being very careful about the sun. I have made friends
with the night guard dog pack at the Pelican Beach Resort where
I am staying. I have been bitten by 7,000 mosquitoes (well, maybe
not quite). The resort staff says they have “gotten used
to” all my repellants. Sigh. Anyway here is the site for
Pelican Beach:

Things are progressing slowly on the business front. They
really need more technical expertise than I’ve got – Unix server
stuff, complicated data bases, etc., And what I really like to
do – the human/technical interface – they haven’t got much
use for. But we’re still discussing things and I’m trying to
be helpful.

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