Paget’s Belize Journal #29

November 30: Wrapping Up the 19th

Some interesting things to tell about the Thanksgiving trip
to Mexico to visit Carol, so I’ll just do a quick wrap up on
19th festivities and hope for time to write more later today
or tomorrow.

After drumming until dawn on the night of the 18th-19th, then
reenacting the landing party, then marching in the parade, everyone
was apparently pretty tired. So when I went looking for drumming
and dancing again the night of the 19th, I didn’t find any (it
might have started later, but I was home in bed by midnight).
Instead, I bought a chicken tamale. You may recall that I have
been buying these banana-leaf-wrapped tamales nearly every week
from a woman on the street with very tasty results. Well, this
time I lost the game of “chicken roulette.” Every time
before I’ve had a nice little piece of a thigh or a breast inside
my tamale. It always has the bones, which makes it a little awkward,
but other than that, very good. Well THIS time I got a whole
piece of chicken and it was the neck. I could not eat this.
When I reported this at work, the staff laughed at me and said,
“Oh, you’re lucky you didn’t get a FOOT.” This sounds
so scary that I’m afraid my days of chicken roulette are over
for a while. So I went to the Chinese restaurant and had chicken
curry chow mien. No bones.

When I came out, there was a whole sound system set up on
the street corner and a band playing away and some teens and
pre-teens dancing. After a while, I figured out that this was
a Christian music rally. Several different groups played and
sang. Some were great, some were dreadful, all were pretty young.
A nice mixture of traditional spirituals and revival songs, southern
Baptist style (This Train, Deep in My Heart, Old Rugged Cross),
modern rip-offs with new words put to them (Stand by The Man),
cheers and shouting enthusiasm (Give me a J… give me an E …
give me an S … ) and original pieces. One real crowd pleaser
was a sort of hokey-pokey style song and dance that starts with
“Wave One Foot If You Love My Jesus” and ends eventually
with a very energetic “Jump Around If You Love My Jesus.”
The silliest one, though, was “I Think Jesus Is A Sweetie.”
A sweetie here is a little piece of candy. I assume they were
using the term figuratively. In any case, I thought it was trying
just a bit too hard.

Partying continued through the week-end, but I pretty much
retired. Oh, and we went to a resort on Sunday to do part of
the photo shoot etc. that was supposed to have happened earlier
in the week, but Therese and Tony ended up mostly working on
straightening out the client relationship. I sat around the pool
and watched the kids swim.

One small tragedy, not really an aftermath, but one of those
juxtapositions in time that makes you wonder. Remember I told
you the statue of Jesus in the churchyard (suffering the little
children) got re-painted for the festivities. Well, last Wednesday,
in the middle of the afternoon, some guy in a pick-up ran into
the statue and knocked it off the pedestal. Mr. Serano said it
had been there since well before he was born. The statue is gone
and the pedestal is in three pieces. I haven’t found anyone who
knows what’s happening, but I’m hoping it wasn’t too badly damaged
and is in the process of being repaired. So much around here
is held together with wire and rope and ingenious repairs, surely
they’ll come up with something.

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