Paget’s Belize Journal #4

Friday, June 18: Flying to San Pedro; Sand Crabs

Here I am in San Pedro (Canon Beach, or maybe Rockaway Beach
at 110 degrees with dreadlocks) and finally got a connection
that seems “normal” in a streetside lab ($16/hr US
to rent a machine and Internet connection).

Flew over in two different 8-passenger twin-engine something
or others – not for the fearful flyer or the claustrophobic.
I, however, have more trouble getting in and out of the damned
things than flying in them. But when a 300 lb granny could do
it without the little step I thought I could too. That was only
once, after barking both shins and a knee, now I just ask for
the step and don’t budge until it’s there.

Plane was fashionably late gettting to Dangriga and I worried
about making my connection in Belize City, but the pilot assured
me that he was the one flying me to San Pedro so I shouldn’t
worry. When I checked in 15 minutes after the plane was supposed
to leave, they waved the rules around (check in 20 min before
departure) for a while just for drill and then let me climb back
on (maybe that’s why I insisted on the step, hmmmm?)

The wait was spent watching little boys and old men catch
dune crabs (the season opens today). You do this by harrassing
them with a stick until they grab the stick then put them in
a gunny bag. The Resort staff this morning had told me to be
careful of crabs all over and I thought it strange. There didn’t
seem to be any more crabs scuttling about the grounds this morning
than any other morning. But I guess they knew the survivors were
going to be very cross later in the day. I expect to feast
on coconut crab soup when I get back to Dangriga.

Until then it’s definitely time to be a tourista. Haven’t
found the bumper cars yet, but I’m convinced they’re here. Gorgeous

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