Hiking in Montreal and Greater Quebec – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Hiking in Montréal and Greater Québec

The Province of Québec as well as the City of Montreal has some of the most beautiful and awesome hiking trails in North America. If you are planning a trip to French Canada, be it Montréal or the rest of the Province of Québec, you may want to pick up a book entitled Hiking in Québec authored by Yves Seguin and published by Ulysses Travel Guides.

The book divides Quebec’s hiking areas into six main locations, Montréal and Southern Québec, North of Montreal, Western Quebec, Québec City and Surroundings, Central Québec and Eastern and Northern Québec.

There is also a section of the book dealing with various other interesting topics such as hiking and walking clubs, flora and fauna, accommodations, general hiking tips, and the Quebec contribution to the well-known International Appalachian Trail. The author succinctly describes where you can pick up this latter trail as well as what to expect along the way.

For the novice or the experienced hiker the page dealing with the classification of hikes should prove useful as the hikes suggested throughout the book are organized according to the level of difficulty: easy, difficult or very difficult.

You will also find the length of the trail hike, wheel chair accessible, layout of the trail, and what to expect along the way such as bridges, shelters, lookouts, lakes, rivers, animals, approximate time allotted to the trail, etc.

If we are to examine the hikes mentioned in the Montréal and Southern Québec areas we are informed of various sites where for the most part novice hikers would enjoy.
There is also mention of public transportation to these sites and a brief description of the trail.

For example, reference is made to the Morgan Arboretum that is not only a great place to hike but also excellent for the cross-country skier. It is only a few minutes from downtown Montréal. The author rightly describes the scenery as an enchanted forest where you are apt to find a large variety of animals.

If you are visiting Montréal for a few days you may want to explore Les Laurentides (The Laurentians) that are not very far from the centre of the city and easily accessible by car and public transportation. The author provides the reader with maps of the area as well as a description of the many trails and parks such as the National Trail and we are informed that of the 81.7km of trails, 53.7km are linked, so it is now possible to do a long hike (three days, two nights) with overnights at wilderness campsites along the way.

On the other hand, if your visit to Québec entails a more comprehensive vacation, you are provided with a vast amount of information pertaining to the many diverse regions of the Province of Québec and the multitude of possible hiking ventures you may wish to pursue.

Hiking in Quebec
It is these tidbits of information that make the softbound publication indispensable if you are contemplating a hiking trip to Québec. The hiker can also appreciate the language simplicity and the compact feature of the publication that will make it very easy to read and to stuff into your back pocket.


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