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Tell Me, Why Afghanistan?
K knows that some people may think she’s crazy, but she also knows she’s crossing the border no matter what.

Bhutan: Monsoons and Miracles
Still relatively unspoiled by tourism, Hob Osterlund found Bhutan to be a world unlike any other.

The Exotic Island Paradise
Walter Rajah’s travel suggestions appeal to all tastes – from the sunbather to the adventurer to the thrill seeker.

Go with the Flow
Bill Sander is a virtual captive and captivated by nature’s intimate and novel way in bleeding Borneo.

Mahakam: Into the Heart of Borneo
Ancient and modern, traditional and foreign, Christian and animist – all meet and mix along the rivers of Borneo.

Orangutans at Tanjung Puting
A visit to an orangutan care centre in Borneo brings home how closely related we humans are to other animals.

The Monk Revolution
Shirley Eng writes about meeting monks in Myanmar who hope to open an a library – and start a revolution in the process.

The Many Faces of Burma
The bribery incident at the airport was the first of many collisions between appearance and reality during Sean McCarthy’s stay in Burma.

The Real Capital of Burma
Sean McCarthy meets Sonny Boy who travels the world through his meetings with tourists because his own country will not issue him a passport.

From Mandalay to Pyin U Lwin
Sean McCarthy’s need to get out of Mandalay for more breathing space introduced him to the pick-up truck and the busiest weekend of the year in a small town.

A Talk with Win Zaw
Sean McCarthy felt he had been privy to a unique experience with an extraordinary, though contradictory man.

Hello Buddha. Como esta?
Jason Jones uses a gibberish form of Spanish to make a connection with a local Burmese child while touring the pagodas of Bagan.

Wet and Wild in Yangon
K is a helpless foreigner, accosted and trapped on the streets at a supposed festival.

Mong La, Burma
Anything goes in this Burmese outpost.

Three Days in Cambodia
According to die-hard traveler Lee Abbamonte, Cambodia is another step beyond the third world.

Football in the Minefield
Even landmines won’t stop young boys from playing soccer with Landmine Museum volunteer Catherine Mojsiewicz.

Wedding Season in Cambodia
An invitation to a village wedding offered Judy Wolf a chance to see an intimate view of local culture – and learn how to drive a moto.

VIP Bus Through Cambodian Hell
150 kilometers in a record breaking 15 hours. Not walking. Not running. Not by bicycle. By bus. Joanna Balmer warns travelers about a bus travel in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh
Sabrina Plum never knew five dollars could take her so far, when she set out into the dark past of Cambodia on the back of a moto.

The Blowout
Stephen Murphy wondered why it took a motorbike accident to finally meet Cambodian people in any meaningful way.

Entrepreneurial Cambodia
Read why Christian Mercer has nothing but respect for the wheelers and dealers of Cambodia – even a good laugh.

Cambodians – Masters in Sales
Even worse than calling a Canadian an American or a Kiwi an Aussie is… Jen Hodgins reports.

Touring Ancient Angkor…for Free!
By chance, MC finds a way to visit the well known temples of Angkor Wat – at no cost – turning an otherwise normal visit into an exciting adventure.

In the Court of the Khmer Kings
Rod Eime encourages you to visit Ankgor complex now before ropes, boardwalks and cordons replace the relatively free access visitors currently enjoy.

Rapid Transition
Sara Ogle believes the moto drivers are the visible link to Cambodia’s brightened future and encourages you to adopt a moto driver and change the world.

"I Want to Shoot Guns!"
Anything you want: grenades, rocket launchers, AK-47s, Justin Pushman found it all on the most unusual menu outside of Amsterdam.

Train Surfing
No matter what LP tells you, Battambang’s wild wild west is best viewed
from the top of a train, says Justin Pushman.

Learning the Real Cambodia
Cambodia turns out far different than Justin Pushman imagined it, but that’s okay. It’s ain’t his bike.

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Joe Ehrlich spent only a few days in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap before he felt that he had reached his limit with Cambodia.

The Temples and Ruins of Angkor Wat
The ancient magic of Angkor Wat is strong even in the present day.

Kunming English Corner
For just one evening, BootsnAll member Shawn Kobb becomes an English teacher in China.

Biking Through The Villages of Yangshuo
While bike riding through a rural Chinese village, Christina Nelson enjoys the hospitality of her guide, while experiencing a unique world so different from her own.

What a Wild Wall
While dodging the occasional hustler, Kevin O’Shea and his friends explore the hidden parts of the Great Wall of China.

One Foot in the Future
From firing Chinese assault rifles to enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbucks, Joel Burslem rings in the Chinese New Year in Shanghai.

Walking the Wall
Todd Ster walks the Great Wall, dodging guards, his companions….and snow leopards.

Buddha’s Advice
Brett Sandberg has an increasingly surreal experience in a dark tunnel in China.

A Communist Parade
Nick Dao postponed his trip for one month to see China celebrate her 50th anniversary of Communist rule. He might have enjoyed the festivities if only he could have seen them.

Bamboozled in Beijing
Kevin O’Shea thought himself fairly savvy, but his first encounter with some Chinese university students in Beijing left his wallet a little lighter.

The Great Wall and The Great Zoo
Nick Dao finds himself being mistaken for a Chinese in China and in America. This time, though, he benefited and saw more than he had planned.

Backpacking Through An Epidemic
In the hands of the Chinese propoganda department, SARS was more than a disease. It was war. Sean McCarthy concludes that the culture of the cover-up got a bashing no camouflage can hide.

Emperor Qin’s Army
Each of the 7,000 faces is unique, writes James Dorsey: a study in concentration of warriors ready to die, 2,500 years after they lived.

Becoming World Citizens
After 11 days in the Middle Kingdom, Bill Mohan and friends came away with the feeling that peace on earth depends on personal exchanges.

Just in Time
Bill Mohan’s trip back from China was like Dorothy returning to Kansas. There’s no place like home but home will never be the same.

A Winter’s Journey to Harbin
In the Paris of Asia, the tiger stretched towards Matthew Gill, who wondered if his travel insurance would cover this.

A Trip of Lasting Memories
The Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square were Sylvia Seschel’s favorite parts, and she didn’t even mind that the pigs had more room than the tourists.

A Stranger in a Strange Territory
Like a child offered promises of acrobats and ice cream, Barbara Shaw tagged along, humbled by gratitude and enlarged by her good luck.

Leo’s Story
In Beijing, Jason Jones met a young man determined to open his own business. Capitalist dreams in the midst of Communist China.

Five Minutes of Fame
Mark Evans may never see the part he played in a Chinese movie, but he’s just happy he survived the elephant stampede.

Vacation in China: Hong Kong, Beijing, and Yangtze River Cruise
Rose Franco wanted to see the Three Gorges before the dam covers the area with water. But first she had a stop in her favorite city in the world, Hong Kong.

Hospitality, the Chinese Way
K was only trying to find accommodation in Yullin, but she wound up becoming a Yankee Doodle class clown.

Good Morning, Beijing
The best welcome to China K could’ve received comes in a morning tai chi group.

Business or Pleasure?
From backpacker to buyer, Justin Pushman gets himself in bed with some
luxury power lunching and toasting.

Ripped Off Again!
Don’t let a quick nap make you too enthusiastic about your choice of taxis in China, warns Justin Pushman.

Intrepid Travelers In China
Roughing it with a small group to experience the diversity of this huge country.

Going Against the Flow
A three day journey of over 1000 miles up China’s mighty Yangzi River, from Shanghai to Wuhan.

Off the Track – China Style
How to know when you’ve found the real China, off the usual travellers path.

Arriving in Hong Kong
There are many ways of finding work in Hong Kong when you’re very low on cash.

Lijiang: A Special Place in China
An ancient town in the shadow of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Disco Ball
A visit to a Chinese nightclub proves that music is universal.

A Trip Down the Yhangtze, China
Three rules of travel and what to do when kidnapped by your taxi driver.

East Timor
Sally Eeles encourages travel to the world’s newest nation for spectacular sights, unforgettable adventures, and, or course, it’s people.

Mother-in-Laws: The Threat Is Closer Than You Think
Without the traditional Georgian upbringing, Julie Guyot gets caught unaware when her beau’s family discovers their romance.

A Real Treat – Therapeutic and Fun
The experience of working in Georgia proved richer and more gratifying than Julie Guyot could have imagined.

Hong Kong
Copy Watch? NEW!
The practice of shopping and bargining is a fine-tuned skill and Lisa Hunt has it down to an art in Hong Kong.

The Wild West of Asia
Mark Brasher found it easy to slip into the expat community of Hong Kong. Within a few days he was invited to an eye-opening bachelor party.

Hungry in Hong Kong
Amity Mills is your guide to find the best deals and scams to spend as little of your hard earned cash in Hong Kong as possible.

Hong Kong
Philip Blazdell looks at the former British colony and finds it to be definitely proud of its Chinese character.

Prayas NEW!
During her time in India, Alyssa Batarla had grown jaded and cynical. However, a trip to the Prayas Children’s Home stripped away the grime to show the beauty underneath.

India on Three Wheels NEW!
It took a month to get the permit and four months to do it, but Jeff Eagar and his brothers scuttled their way into the Indian Book of Records by driving cross-country in a rickshaw.

Bombay & Mumbai; A Tale of Two Cities
Will Marks spends twenty-four hours in India’s city that never sleeps.

The Strange Motel Mosque
People say you either love or hate India. Carlie Daley disagrees. You love and hate the place. It’s impossible not to feel both emotions.

The Legend of a Bollywood Extra
Will Marks spends a week on the set of a Bollywood blockbuster in search of his 15 minutes of fame.

Himalayan Motorcycle Odyssey
Will Marks had no way of knowing his plan to ‘ride around India on motorcycles for a bit’ would turn into a 16,000 kilometre odyssey from Nepal to Pakistan and throughout the Indian Himalayas.

Ooty: Queen of the Nilgiri Range
Relaxing with tea, chocolate and cool mountain air are on Lubna Kably’s itinerary in Ooty, India.

The Untouchables
In Malana, India, Abhishek Madhukar discovers what it is like to be an ‘Untouchable’ in his own country.

A God is Born
When a god is born, miracles are commonplace, but Mathura on the eve of Janamashtami is a miraculously uncommon sight, writes Abhishek Madhukar.

The Belly Button of the World
Sometimes an assault, sometimes a symphony, Kate Comiskey cherishes the raw soul of India, which she calls, ‘the belly button of the world’.

Safari Search
When Kasum Sanu sets out to see the animals in B.R. Hills, she hopes to see a tiger. That is, until she sees one.

Doing Nothing in Diu
Carlie Daley describes the tiny Indian island Diu, popular with locals and travelers alike.

Brahmapuri Blues
As Poornima Ozarkar loses herself in the blue world of Brahampuri, she finds herself happy and exhilerated by her love of travel.

In Search of Nomads
While searching for nomads, Rinoti Amin returns to her native India and finds picturesque temples, a childhood bride, and, finally, peace.

My Favourite Beaches of Goa
Priya Shah knows the best beaches in Goa – and there’s a chance you’ve probably never heard of them.

The Sights, The Sounds, The Suicidal Bus Drivers
For first time travellers to India and Nepal, Steve Braithwaite knows there is nothing that can truly prepare you for the chaos you enter into.

India: a Foot in Each Century
Jacqui Currie found India embraced each passing century with enthusiasm and energy but at the same time managed not only to hold onto its past but bring it along for the ride.

Cities of Rajasthan
Two of Rajasthan’s most beautiful cities are only a short flight from Delhi and are sure to provide enough memories to last a lifetime.

More to Agra than the Taj Mahal
It is one of the most photographed buildings in the world but no picture can capture the love story, or the amazing attention to detail that extend beyond the walls of the Taj Mahal.

Bring on the Tourists
Tim Pile wonders whether Varkala, India will grow too fast. For now, though, it retains its charm.

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