Chasing Horizons

"Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do
than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the
safe harbour. Catch the winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

Phil Rado has been combining work with travel for since 1997. He has plenty of stories from his travels so far and is looking forward to the next adventure. This page will highlight his latest stories and all of his previous stories will be archived here.

Follow his travels via the links below or to find out more about Phil, read his story here.

Latest Articles

Canterbury, Christchurch and the Crusaders
It was time to explore the Land of the Long White Cloud that is New Zealand. Phil began in Christchurch and headed south.

Into Sydney and Out of Australia
Even with only a couple of days left in Australia, Phil was able to see many of Sydney’s famous icons that feature so often in travel brochures.

From Brissie to Byron
Phil found Brisbane to be a lively, cosmopolitan, and cultured city, while Byron Bay definitely had a hippie feel to it.

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On Safari with Ranger Phil
On Fraser Island, Phil Rado and a slightly crazy bunch of irresponsible backpackers were let loose in a wilderness environment on a self-drive safari.

Where the Reef Ends and Surfing Begins
Phil got off the beaten track while visiting the almost undiscovered birthplace of Queensland, Town of 1770.

Sailing, Diving, Parties and Schoolies
Airlie Beach is the main jump off point for cruises around the Whitsunday Islands. Phil joined up with a yacht and woke up with a sore head more days than not.

Lost on Magnetic Island
After exploring Maggie in his Moke, all Phil had left to do was sit back and relax for a couple of days and enjoy the natural paradise.

Cut Snakes in Queensland
Phil followed Captain Cook’s journey in reverse as he explored Queensland’s tropical north, including Cairns and Cape Tribulation.

More Melbourne Friends
Phil reckons those travellers that make their way Down Under but only seem to settle in Sydney are missing out on the country’s best city.

Melbourne Friends
Meeting up with an old friend contributed to Phil’s shift in lifestyle from "roaming backpacker" to "urban yuppie".

Stormy Mountains and a Magnificent Coast
Althbough it did it’s best, the weather couldn’t dampen the tremendous scenery of the Grampian mountains and the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Off the Rails � Continuing Down the Track
South Australia is the driest state in the driest country on the driest continent. Fortunately for Phil, there are pubs along the way.

The Red Centre and an Australian Icon
Visiting the big red rock, Uluru, meant Phil had accomplished one of the major reasons for his trip.

Pub Crawling Down The Track
The distance between Darwin and Alice Springs is huge. Phil’s tour company breaks up the monotony by stopping at almost every pub along the way.

Kakadu Dreams
Phil ventured out with crocodiles, swam in billabongs, ate buffalo sausages and fought off flies during a three day tour of Kakadu National Park.

Into The Top End
Phil discovered Darwin’s interesting history while still finding time to enjoy the nightlife of the Northern Territory’s capital.

Seeing Double in WA
It’s no wonder Phil felt so at home in Perth, almost everything he saw reminded him of Cape Town. Separated by 5000km of ocean, but so similar in many ways.

Lombok, Here I Come
Phil ended his time in SE Asia with a very relaxing week of diving and catching up with old friends on the island of Gili Air.

Whoa!!! I’m going to Bali
Renting his own transport gave Phil the freedom he needed to explore the island of Bali on his own terms and at his own pace.

On the Road Again
Taking up his trip where he left off, Phil returned to Singapore, ready to tackle Indonesia before heading to Australia.

Back in the UK
Phil made a short stopover in London to fully recover physically, unload the backpack and spend some time with family and friends.

Singapore – End of Act 1
After five months of traveling through India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia Malaysia and Singapore, Phil left Asia to return to London.

Onwards and Upwards
During Phil’s whistle-stop tour of Malaysia, he missed out on the Petronas Towers but got better views from Menara KL, the world’s fourth tallest communication tower.

Malaysia was tough, but someone had to do it
Still feeling the effects of dengue fever, Phil’s energy was low. However, he managed to get out of bed long enough to go on a few dives in the Perhentian Islands.

Traveling to far flung exotic corners of the world is not all glamour and excitement as a bout of Dengue Fever left Phil dangerously close to death’s door.

More Islands, More Beaches and More Movie Sets
The main reason for going to Koh Phi-Phi was for the diving and snorkeling. But when the weather turns sour, relaxing, reading, swimming, watching Wimbledon tennis in the evenings and crawling between the many bars and clubs becomes the order of the day.

007, Where Are You?
It takes two attempts and Phil battles monsoon rains and dead camera batteries to reach the "James Bond" islands of Ko Phing Kan.

Of Buckets and Full Moon
Phil has to take a nap or two, but he’s determined to make it all the way through the infamous Full mon Party at Koh Pha Ngan.

A Side Trip into Cambodia
Phil had only one more thing to do to complete his travels in Indochina, a visit to Cambodia and the temples of Angkor Wat.

Spirit of Vietnam, Part 2
Carol’s trip is coming to an end, but not before she and Phil visit Hoi An (for the shopping, of course), Danang, Saigon, and Nha Trang.

Spirit of Vietnam, Part 1
The beginning of a ten day tour of the country, visiting Hanoi, Hue, and Halong Bay and the limestone islands.

A Travel Companion Comes to Thailand
Phil’s long suffering girlfriend arrives in Bangkok for her birthday and Phil shows her the sights and takes her to the islands for some relaxation and diving. Oh, did we mention she hates flying and traveling on water?

Adventures in Laos
Phil found traveling in Laos to be a slow process and uncomfortable. However, it wasn’t such a bad place to celebrate his birthday – in grand style, thanks to some fellow travelers.

Thai Cooking
Chiang Mai in northern Thailand in the place to take Thai cooking classes. Phil is in his element and very pleased with the results.

Thailand Revisited
Flying into Bangkok airport, Phil kept a 3 year old promise to himself. After a few days in Bangkok, it was time to hit the islands and relax.

Trek to Everest, the top of the World
Altitude sickness and Sherpa food are just a couple of the difficulties of getting to Everest Base Camp. But Phil isn’t going to get this far and turn back.

Crossing into Nepal
The difference between India and Nepal is amazing. Friendlier people, less traffic and more space.

Arrival in India
Phil has combined work with travel for the last four years. Now he’s begun his big trip around the world, no work, just travel. India is the first stop.

The BIG Journey Around the World: A Provisional Itinerary for 2002
Phil’s been thinking long and hard about where he wants to go and how he’ll put it off. He’s put his ideas on paper – er, screen – and you know what? It just might work.

More articles from Phil
A Trip to South Africa � December 2001
Phil is going to travel through South Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town with a couple of mated from the UK. These guys will either have the time of their lives or it’s going to be a complete disaster.

Mind the Gap
Antipodeans living and working in London tend to follow a certain pattern. Phil describes them from experience.

America Attacked
Phil discusses the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington as they unfolded on British television and in the newspapers.

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