The Golden Triangle

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Monthly Updates

September 2001 Article
For those of you on a shoestring budget and a cast iron stomach or just a back to nature kinda dude or dudah (F), well, S.E. Asia is the place for you.

July 2000 Article
A steady monsoon season has made a mud bath of overland travel in the Golden Triangle.

November 99 Article
Tension at the border crossing is
causing problems for locals trying to get across.

July 99 Article
Negotiate the many ways to cross the border from Maesai to Tachilek.

June 99 Article
Wrestle with a pet python and guess why the Golden Triangle is so named.

April 99 Article
Local voodoo, magic and charms to keep your wife away.


Related Articles

Motorbike Trek of the Kobra
Negotiating the mud and border guards on a motorbike trek to Keng Tung.

Mong La
Story involving a very unusual cabaret show.

Maesai Gem Report
Maesai is world-reknowed for its gems.

Traveler Article

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