The Buddha’s Striptease

Naked in Oz Tour 2001

Todd Traynor had been living in NYC for about 12 years and worked as an IT consultant in the financial services field. He got bored with the job and the routine: 9-5 in the corporate world; go to a bar, have a few; come home watch a bit of TV, and start it all over the next day.

He felt like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day": reliving the same freakin’ day again and again. Since the market tanked at the beginning of this year, consultant jobs were few and far between. Todd felt that this was his opening to break free from NY and travel around Australia for a few months. He put all his stuff up on eBay and then loaded up his VW Jetta, Otto, and headed west. After storing some things at his mom’s in California, Todd hopped on a plane first to Hawaii then to Oz.

Follow his travels via the links below or, to find out more about Todd and his desire to leave parts of his clothing around Australia, read about the Striptease here.

Latest Article
Mr. Toad’s Wild and Naked Ride
All things in moderation – including moderation. And travelogues. For Todd, this is it, before Mr. Buddha heads out of Oz.

From Fear to Eternity: The Beginning
Well, okay, one more. Instead of leaving Oz, Todd decides to fly straight down instead.

Catch Up On The Journey
Out of the Outback (Into the Unknown)
Todd swaps cars, and swaps the Outback for Adelaide and Melbourne, but his heart is still in the bush. He might stay, he might leave Oz, but no matter, no worries.

The End of Eden
Parting is such sweet sorrow. Even if it is from a bitch. Todd and Tony decide to divorce from the temperamental Eve.

Farewell to Yesterday’s Rain
After seeing the attacks in the USA, Todd is trying to live for the moment and not get caught up in the past.

Mr. Buddha Soaking Wet
Todd’s only consistency may be his inconsistency, but at least on the way to Perth Eve can always be trusted to break down.

Mr. Buddha’s Addiction
The one possession Todd can’t seem to leave behind is his nicotine addiction, try to quit as he might from Darwin to K-town to Broome.

Momentary Freedom
On the way to Darwin, Todd tries to understand cricket, reckons Paul Hogan is a wimp, and attempts to explain what it is to be an American via his theory called "The Marcia Complex".

Worries? We don’t need no STINKIN’ worries!
Finally, Todd and his mates bust out of Tennant Creek. They come close to a murder in Barrow Creek, breeze through Alice and get rained on at Uluru.

Fear of the Washer, Camper and Mechanicmaker
On a road trip from Cairns to Alice Springs with some new travel companions, Todd gets stuck in Tennant Creek with car troubles.

Fear of the Great Unwashed
Todd gets a look at some crocodiles on the Daintree River and gets up close and personal with the sea life on the Great Barrier Reef.

Fear of Rafting
After a quick dabble in the Cairns casino, Todd gets invited to go on a rafting trip where he leaves a part of himself to the Tully River.

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