Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe #9: Bio – Europe


Neville Millen
I was born in Melbourne Australia and now live in Torquay the surf capital of OZ, 120 kilometers from Melbourne on the Great Southern Ocean. I can hear the waves roar 200 yards from my back door. I lectured in applied sociology and I taught criminology in the US in Wisconsin. I return for summer school in 2004.

I write travel stories to blow away the cobwebs of academia and apply a kind of sociological imagination to places I visit and people I meet. I have always been a keen adventurer in my own land, going into the outback for tours and camping. I have climbed peaks in New Zealand and through the years have travelled beyond OZ with visits to Indonesia and Malaysia. I have backpacked through the USA, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Switzerland and Southern Africa.

I planned this new tour for my partner and myself to visit the grand cities of Art and architecture in Southern Europe. Rhondda is an art teacher and textile artist. This most recent trip is more than a tour of paintings and other artistic works, it is a pilgrimage (or that is how we see it) to sites that have a rare ‘spirit of place’ that can enrich the imagination. It is also essentially a story about another great art process – the ART of travel – and of creating and rejuvenating one’s own life in the process.

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