What You Risk Reveals What You Value #2: Waiting

2: Waiting
You know, I’m all about this experience of living out of your backpack, staying in hostels, etc. But when it comes to flying international, I knew better than to go the cheap route. Thank goodness for frequent flyer miles, I was able to score a business class ticket round trip. What an experience.

First all you have this cool lounge where you can hangout in while you’re at the airport. Something I really, really needed since I have a five hour wait in JFK and a seven hour wait in Amsterdam.

Going into the Business Class Lounge for the first time was a very weird experience. First of all, I didn’t dress for this occasion at all. Well, after proving to them that I was not a bum off the street, they welcomed me in. Free drinks and snacks for the duration. “Come and go as you please,” they said. Again, this was AFTER I’ve established my “status”. Believe me, they thought I was lost and needed directions when they saw me. Cargo pants and a fleece sweater isn’t exactly “business” attire.

The plane to Amsterdam was sort of fun. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Between the seat reclining all the way, a foot pad, your own personal TV and other bells and whistles, I swear, I couldn’t sleep. But fatigue got the better of me. Night night.

I got to Helsinki and I was excited finally. My first official stop. The trip was uneventful and my first country where I would be practicing my survival skills is Finland. They speak English! I’m glad it’s not a complete shock. I can ease in to it.

I boarded the free hotel shuttle to the Airport Bonus Inn. Not expecting much, the hotel was actually nice! I was beginning to realize that everything in Europe is tiny! Anyway, I surveyed the room just to see if what I could find. No air conditioner. It was kinda warm. Bathroom-check. I turned on the lamp beside my bed and it wouldn’t turn on. Hmm…all the other lights work. So, ‘my first challenge’ I thought. I checked to see if it was plugged in. Yes. I was really tired, I could have just forgotten about it, but I decided to turn the bulb a bit to make sure it was screwed on well. Voila! Problem solved! Now I was pumped. I don’t need anybody! I don’t need anybody! I can solve my own problems. My mind was racing. But now it was time to go to bed. I’ve overcame my challenge for the day. I am looking forward to my ferry ride tomorrow morning. This will involve a bit more walking… and asking.

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