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The Basics

Country: Chad

Where is it?: Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa, south of Libya.

Why do people go here?: Not many people venture into Chad because of the lack of infrastructure and difficultly getting there, although it’s relatively safe and doesn’t have major conflicts. There is Zakouma National Park for wildlife viewing, as well as some ancient desert empires worth seeing

What are the main entry points?: There are a few airlines from Paris, and quite a few throughout West Africa, that service the capital N’Djamena. You can overland travel from most countries, although it’s best to check the security situation in both Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Currency used: West African Franc

Country Code for Phones: 235

Religion: Muslim 44%, Christian 33%, Animist 23%

Population: 11.2 million

Ethnic Breakdown: 200 distinct groups; in the north and center: Arabs, Gorane (Toubou, Daza, Kreda), Zaghawa, Kanembou, Ouaddai, Baguirmi, Hadjerai, Fulbe, Kotoko, Hausa, Boulala, and Maba, most of whom are Muslim; in the south: Sara (Ngambaye, Mbaye, Goulaye), Moundang, Moussei, Massa, most of whom are Christian or animist; about 1,000 French citizens live in Chad

Government: Republic

Languages: Arabic, French, Indigenous

Travel Information

Major Cities: N’Djamena

Attractions: N’Djamena, Faya, Zahouma National Park

Accommodation: Chad Hotels

Tourism Office locations and links: Chad Direction du Tourisme des Parcs, Nationaux et Réserves de Faune, BP 86, N’Djaména, Chad +235-512-303;

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Sarh, Abeche

Health Issues: Bilharzia, Diphtheria, Malaria, Meningococcal Meningitis, Typhus

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Like most of of northern Africa, you should visit Chad from November to February when the weather is coolest.

Common Phrases: Hello = Bonjour, How are you? = Comment allez-vous?, Good = Bien or Bon, Yes = Oui, Okay = D’accord or OK, No = Non, Thank you = Merci, Please = S’il vous plaît, Goodbye = Au revoir
Specific Events/Holidays: Independence Day: 11 August, Variable Islamic Holidays

Getting Around: Traveling in Chad can be very difficult. Since most of Chad’s roads are unpaved, it’s hard to travel in the rainy season. Minibuses service most of the major cities.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The main airport for travelers taking flights to Chad is the Lai Airport

Need more information?: Check out the Chad travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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