Cook Islands Travel Facts

The Basics

Country: Cook Islands

Where is it?: Oceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

Why do people go here?: Play in the sun and pretend you have your own island when you head to the Cooks. A popular destination for travelers coming from Asia or other areas of the Pacific.

What are the main entry points?: Float over on your yacht or cruise ship or take a very expensive flight from Australia, Fiji or New Zealand.

Currency used: New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Country Code: 682

Area codes for Major Cities: No city codes required, mobile numbers begin with 55

Religion: Christian (majority of populace are members of the Cook Islands Christian Church)

Population: 21,000

Ethnic Breakdown: 87.7% Maori, 5.8% part Maori, 6.5% other and non-European 7.7%, European 2.4%, other 0.9%

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Languages: English (official), Maori

Travel Information

Major Cities: Avarua

Attractions: Volcanoes, Green Forest, White Sand

Accommodations: Cook Islands Hotels, Cook Islands Hostels

Tourism Office locations and links: Cook Islands- Tourist Authority PO Box 14 Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands29435; FAX 21435 ;//

Health Issues: No vaccination requirements for any international traveller.

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Whenever you have the vacation time is a good season to head to the Cook Islands just make sure there aren’t any major festivals going on or you may be stuck without a bed.

Specific Events/Holidays: Constitution Day, first Monday in August (1965)

Getting Around: On the larger islands, you may be able to snag a bus. Otherwise, plan on hiring a car, or, more likely, doing a lot of walking.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The main airport for travelers taking flights to Cook Islands is the Rarotonga Airport.

Need more information?: Check out the Cook Islands travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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