Samoa Travel Facts

The Basics

Country: Samoa

Where is it?: Oceania, group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand

Why do people go here?: Slow down the pace of life and head to lazy Samoa for some quality beach time and snorkeling. Other nature sights include a natural rock slide – as in the type you can scoot your butt down – and blowholes.

What are the main entry points?: Air New Zealand and Polynesian Airlines will fly you to the capital. Yachts also arrive, but working on a passenger or cargo ship is relatively hard to find nowadays.

Currency used: Tala (SAT)

Country Code: 685

Religion: Christian 99.7% (about one-half of population associated with the London Missionary Society; includes Congregational, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Latter-Day Saints, Seventh-Day Adventist)

Population: 180,000

Ethnic Breakdown: Samoan 92.6%, Euronesians 7% (persons of European and Polynesian blood), Europeans 0.4%

Government: Parliamentary republic

Languages: Samoan (Polynesian), English

Travel Information

Major Cities: Apia

Attractions: Beaches, Rainforests, Relaxation

Accommodation: Samoa Hostels

Tourism Office locations and links: Samoa Visitors Bureau PO Box 2272 Apia,Samoa +685 63500 ;; FAX +685 20886; //

Health Issues: A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over 1 year of age coming from infected areas.

Tips for Visiting

When to go: May through October will keep you dry and warm.

Specific Events/Holidays: Independence Day Celebration, 1 June (1962); note – 1 January 1962 is the date of independence from the New Zealand-administered UN trusteeship, 1 June 1962 is the date that independence is celebrated

Getting Around: Remember that relaxed pace of life when you are waiting for a bus or ferry, as time is a vague notion.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The cheapest airport to fly into Samoa is the Faleolo International Airport.

Need more information?: Check out the Samoa travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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