The Millennium Trip – Letter #2

Head of Zeus Statue.
Mt Nemrut Dagi, Eastern Turkey

Have just returned from watching the sun rise on the 2000 year old

Commagene statues at the top of Mount Nemrut. Even the heads of the

statues are taller than I am. Like something out of Ozymandius. Really,

bizarre! Am now sitting in Malatya and waiting for my 12 hour bus ride to Van at 20:30.

Will spend tomorrow in Van and then go to “Dog Biscuit” on Sunday and

cross the Iranian border on Monday. Have not felt threatened in East Turkey at all, so far, and haven’t spoken to anyone who has. The Turkish courts have postponed a decision on Oclan until 16th June, thank goodness, and by then I should be well out of the country.

Am glued to my SW radio & the BBC world service every evening (along with every other back-packer around here) for any news about Pakistan/India – good news about South African cricket though!

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