Introduction to Kaohsiung – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Introduction to Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan. For travelers who do not speak Chinese or read traditional Chinese characters, Kaohsiung is a place that foreigners can get around easily. Kaohsiung is prosperous because of its location. Oceans have supported the life and the development of this city. The Kaohsiung City is divided into four different areas, Downtown, West River, Old Town and Harbor.

Getting There

When you are outside Taiwan, you can either fly to Taipei or Kaohsiung International Airport. If you choose to enter Taiwan from Taipei International Airport, you will need to ride the train, bus or cab to Kaohsiung. Flying from Taipei to Kaohsiung is another option, but it will cost a little more money than other methods. The price difference is about NT$300.

Money Issues

Aside from the commercial banks, the hotels and department stores in Kaohsiung also provide the service for currency exchange. The best deal is still in the banks. Credit cards are also widely accepted.

Getting Around

To get around in town, you can take advantage of the bus system. Get a copy of the local tour guide or bus book, it can tell how to get where you want to go. If you are planning on traveling for longer distance, the railroad system should be handy. If you don’t mind, spend some time and inquire at the tourist center or the information kiosk, the receptionists can help you get around too!

The bus system is so popular in Kaohsiung, and they are neat and convenient. The prices are reasonable, and the waiting time between two buses is usually about 15 minutes or longer. The buses are usually on time or a little bit later than what it says on the schedule.

Taking the cab can be tricky in Kaohsiung. Although there is a fixed price system for riding the cab, what works better is the price negotiation. Carpool is a common method to get around as well because not as many people ride the cabs. This is not a common method that locals use to commute.

Renting a car, motorcycle or bicycle is another simple way to get around. If you have confidence behind the wheels and have a good sense of direction, this might be exactly your way to tour Kaohsiung. Many people in Kaohsiung ride scooters to get around so if you want to mingle with the locals, you know what to do!

Where to Stay

There are the seven popular five-star hotels in Kaohsiung. Although they all provide great quality service, the prices they offer are slightly higher than the motels and hostels in town.

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