Things to do – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Things to do
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

There are not high mountains in Kaohsiung, and the parks are built for the purposes of relaxation and natural reservation.

Wansoshan Park
Located in the West of Kaohsiung City, the park is famous for forests, caves, limestone and wild monkeys. There are four temples and a zoo in Wansoshan. Children who go to schools in Kaohsiung painted the roads to add more colors to this natural resort. Many residents come here in the morning before starting their days. Tai Chi, Badminton and Tai Chi are the top three activities.

Banpingshan Natural Park
Located between Zuoying District and Nantzu District, this area used to be open for mining. In 1998, the mining was prohibited by the government and began to build the natural park using the technologies learn from Canadian specialists. The Kaohsiung government wants to transform Banpingshan into an educational and recreational hot spot.

The ocean plays a significant role in Taiwanese people’s life. Tourists can find Matsu, the goddess of the sea, in almost every city including Kaohsiung.

Citzuwan Sea Park
Located near the Wansoshan, Citzuwan is famous for its sunset. The name originated from a poem written by a scholar in Qing dynasty, who noted the beauty of this place. Citzuwan is named one of the eight best scenarios in Kaohsiung. Chungshan University is inside the Citzuwan Sea Park, which bears the name of one of the most beautiful colleges in Taiwan. On the hill, there is a temple for Shibawangong who guards the people in the sea. In the summer, the park will be open for water activities. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen.

Chichin Peninsula
Chichin Peninsula and Kaohsiung City are connected through the tunnel under the sea. Chichin Harbor was the first place to bring prosperity to Kaohsiung. After the new port was established, Chichin became a spot for sightseeing and leisure. Many people will come for a stroll or for a bike ride in the afternoon.

Love River
Love River (Aiho) used to be heavily polluted. With the government, businesses and artists assistance, after spending NT$40 million to revive the river, Love River became one of the most popular places again. In the summer, there will be Dragon Boat Racing held on Dragon Boat Festival each year. People gather near Love River to witness this ritual and entertaining competition. The night scene at Love River is lively. In Lunar July, the government will hold some activities to respect the dead. Water lanterns will be released and floated on the river. Many people came from various places to participate in the ceremony.

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