Granville Street Nights – Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Granville Street Nights

Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Walking down Granville Street late on a weeknight (or early on a weekday…depending on your perception) should be a required course for anyone studying humans and behaviour. The street is alive with young club-goers, staggeringly drunk, who are wandering from club to club, kicked out of one, looking for another to go to. The cops, stout and businesslike swagger up and down in their blues, talking and laughing, or arresting those who are getting a little out of hand. At around 2 a.m., people start to either leave the clubs for somewhere else, or are kicked out. And the real fun begins.

On a recent trip (a little drunk myself), I watched with great interest as a young man got slung over the hood of a police car in cuffs, for being “overly” publicly drunk, and as his female friends tried to bargain the arresting cop out of making the arrest. A little further up the street, outside the Commodore Ballroom, a bunch of hippies sat with bongo drums and played to a rapidly growing crowd on the street. A small guy dressed as Bruce Lee climbed up the bus shelter, and back flipped off while the rest of us danced to the Rasta beat.

If you go, make sure to walk past the homeless man outside the drugstore near the end of Granville, who, late at night, is always playing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” Or cruise by any of the nightclubs and talk up the bouncers. They really enjoy it when you and your drunken buddies offer to help them out with crowd control. If hunger strikes, stop at any one of the 99 cent pizza places (I’ve been offered a job AND a husband at one of them before, maybe you should be so lucky), or even better, the Fritz Fry Place, that serves up steaming hot and delicious fries or poutine (where the owner clearly loves his job).

In any case, the scene on Granville is just as much a party as the interior of any club on the strip. If you’re coming to Vancouver, make sure to spend one night out experiencing the unique nightlife, and watching the events unfold.

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