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Wherever you travel, you are likely to run into travelers from Canada. The Maple Leaf patch on their backpacks is a ubiquitous symbol of their love of country and travel. Even though large numbers of Canadians journey and live abroad, there are surprisingly few resources on the Web geared towards them. They are often viewed as Americans, even though they face different travel regulations and challenges.

The website,, offers a comprehensive resource for Canadians by Canadians – for "Canadian expatriates abroad, or Canadians planning to travel". There's a travel forum (new Canadian passport rules, how to get a green card, shipping costs from Ontario to the U.K., for example), travel articles and photos, a classified section, latest news headlines from, advice…

The section on expatriate advice is particularly useful. It addresses the nuts and bolts of international travel, offers helpful tips on how to open a bank account in another country, what items to ship overseas and how to do it, even suggests steps to take when facing culture shock, homesickness. Its friendly manner reassures first-time travelers and provides practical ideas for seasoned road warriors.

Take a look at the forums. Canadians on the road regularly post and respond to messages dealing with a good assortment of topics – where to find cheap flights to Europe, studying in Australia, finished TN, can I go right back as a tourist for a month? It's a great place for Canadians abroad to meet other Canadians, if that's what they want. As with most forums, there is a bit of superfluous posting, and some great travel nuggets – well worth your navigation time.

Young, budget travellers seem to be drawn to it. Those more advanced in years may not feel as welcome, or may not find it as helpful. Then again, they may find it a good resource also. fills a niche. It's a growing definitive resource for, by and of those Canadians travelling, living abroad and those considering a move abroad.


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