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If you lined up the world's hotels, side-by-side, they would probably stretch across a large swath of the globe. There are millions of them. Out of those millions, at how many would you actually want to stay? How many would leave you feeling gross, unsettled? How many are truly unique?

Directory of Hotels is designed to help you weed out the good from the bad. While other online hotel search directories include large chain names (Super 8, Travelodge, etc), Directory of Hotels features more distinctive and unique hotels from the United States and around the world.

This type of selectivity is valuable for the traveler who can afford to stay at boutique hotels, small hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast. For a budget traveler, though, the site's usefulness might be lacking.

When you visit the site, consider how the hotels are chosen. For example, I did a search for Portland, Oregon. I know the city well, I live there. It has a large number of unique hotels that would fit the Directory of Hotels' standards. Yet, only two hotels were listed – for the entire state.

Digging deeper, I discovered how the hotels get listed – they pay. From the site: "We are funded by membership contributions made by the hotels listed in our directory. The hotels within our directory represent something unique, special enough to give it our stamp of approval."

Overall, the site is well designed, easy to navigate and search. The TravelWire blog, written by one of the site's founders, is loaded with good information about products and accommodations. Users can comment, a feature the hotel listings do not allow.

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