Pillows and Pancakes: Site Review

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Staying at a Bed and Breakfast can be a hit or miss experience. If you are at the right one, you'll have a wonderful time getting to know your hosts and fellow guests. You'll enjoy a scrumptious breakfast by a warmly lit fireplace while snow gently falls outside. If you stay at the wrong one, your annoying hosts will bore you with tales of their colon troubles while you politely try to scarf down the Raman noodles and uncooked eggs, made more unpleasant by the owner's dog humping your leg while the draft through the windows is blowing you off the chair.

In the past the best way to determine a good bed and breakfast from a bad one was by word of mouth. Today, with computers and the internet controlling our lives, choosing a bed and breakfast is a mere click away.

Pillows and Pancakes is a website dedicated entirely to bed and breakfasts. You'll see listings for every state in the United States, for every province in Canada and for the larger countries in Europe – a one-stop shop. It helps you select and make a reservation at bed and breakfasts throughout the world. The site will include Country Inns, Chalets, and Lodges in the future. Check out their special Bed and Breakfast Map too.

The site has an impressive number of listings and it's easy to navigate. The listings for the various establishments provide basic details about each place, a short description, as well as maps, links to websites and email forms for your booking. Lacking from an otherwise thorough site is a spot for user reviews – first-hand experience from those who deem it a dream or a nightmare – most valuable.

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