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Raise your hand if you think travel insurance is the least bit interesting or exciting. I think it's safe to conclude that the mere mention of travel insurance is enough to make your mouth droop, your eyes roll up or close, your head drop an inch or two, followed by a short nap.

Even though travel insurance with all its details is a bore, it IS important. Numerous websites offer this service. Where do you turn when you need trip insurance? Well, you need to take the time to read everything, including the small print. Most travel insurance plans are basically the same. Some cover more things, some cover less. Essentially, though, you get what you pay for no matter where you go to pay for it.

In my opinion, what sets a good travel insurance company website from a mediocre one is the time it takes you to search for what you want. has a simple layout, it's relatively easy to surf and understand, and it breaks down trips so you can find what applies to you. is geared towards travelers from the United Kingdom. It offers thorough information for various categories of travelers – individual travelers, those who travel frequently, people who participate in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, long-stay insurance and insurance for backpackers. A few clicks will get you to a quote – minutes, not hours.

The site also features a handy membership component. It remembers you. Once you enter your information, it stores it for you so the next time you return to the site, you don't have to go through the entire process from the beginning – once again. What a time saver that is and a better overall user experience.

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