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Food – Places to Eat

It’s impossible to include here a good summary of the restaurants in Oviedo, only because every corner you turn there’s another, and then another, and then yet another. If you’re not a vegetarian, the menu del dia at most restuarants around mid-day is usually a great deal (5 or 6 euros) for a multi-plate lunch of typical Spanish food.

Sidrerias are usually a good bet for great Asturian food: Fabada, queso cabrales, merluza a la sidra. Otherwise, here are some good options for a guaranteed satisfied appetite.

Tierra Astur, Calle Gascona: Great typical Asturian food. Try the tabla de quesos (cheese plate), chipirrones (squid) and pulpo (octopus).

Huapango: The only Mexican restaurant I found worth returning to. Try the Enchiladas Huapango, made with molé sauce.

Byblos, Manuel Estrada, 1: An absolutely amazing Lebanese restaurant set a little bit outside of the center. This place hasn’t really caught on yet with Ovetenses, but it isn’t for lack of fabulous food.

La Mas Barata, Cimadevilla: This place is known for offering a wide variety of rice dishes including typical Spanish paella. It’s a bit commercialized but holds everything together with delicious meals.

Taormina, El Aguila: Just down the street from the cathedral, this small Italian place makes great pizza and some killer tiramisu.

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