May 1999 – London, England

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Football finals for the various cups, including the FA, UEFA, and European Cupwinners Cup!

Yes, you too can crowd into a smoky pub to watch the events with the locals, a thoroughly authentic English activity. If you’re really lucky you might even see some soccer hooligans.

For those that haven’t experience a big football event in London, it really is worth it, as the whole city turns into a demented jolly atmosphere.

To See & Do

May is a perfect time for a walk in the Regent’s Park, which offers a surprising variety of things to see.

Start at the bottom and move towards the inner circle, which has delightful gardens, fountains, and statues; although you have to view them through the wedding photo shoots. There is also an outdoor theatre and a bandstand that showcase various events.

The northern tip is home to the London Zoo, and many of the animals can be viewed from Regent’s Park without having to enter the zoo.

A walk along the canal that flows along the northern edge of the park is very scenic, with long colourful canal boats, boathouses, and drooping trees it’s almost possible to forget you’re in a massive city.

Cross the road into Primrose Hill park, which itself is entirely unexciting, but a climb to the top of the hill offers panoramic views of the entire city.

Great Eats

In Primrose Hill, dine at Lemonia (about halfway up the highstreet on the west side). This authentic Greek restaurant offers a great unpretentious atmosphere with excellent food at acceptable prices. If you’re in a group go for the £12 feast, which brings a never ending stream of food to you table.


While in the area, an excellent mainstay night club is Camden Palace in Camden Town. Although weekend admission fees are high, it’s reasonable throughout the week. It’s an old converted multi-level theatre that’s maintained much of its original feel.


Although impossibly trendy & touristy, the area of the Seven Dials near Covent Garden offers the coolest of the cool of London Fashion.

Filled with countless 70’s used clothing stores, you can pick up that old Denny’s uniform you’ve been pining for. Top off your outfit with a paid of 12″ platform boots that look strait out of a Japanamation flick.

The area also features numerous aspiring designer stores, as well as used and discount top designer clothing. Too daring for you? It’s also home to many chain stores such as Diesel and Berkinstocks.

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