15 Best Travel Photo Blogs

We all love to travel but when it’s impossible or we are just waiting for the next flight, reading other blogs and looking at incredible travel photography is the next best thing. And it most often makes us want to travel even more.

1. Everything Everywhere

The blog is run by Gary Arndt, who’s been traveling around the world since March 2007. The blog is updated almost daily with interesting information and photos. There’s a “daily photo” section which is also available for those who check out his Facebook page.

Where the Secret Texas Illuminati Meet2. Stuck in customs

It’s the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the Internet and the author, Trey Ratcliff, has been featured on BBC and other shows. His life is not centered on photography but you cannot spot that in his blog, which is updated daily with stunning photos. The same photos can be found on his Flickr account

3. Travel and Photography

The blog is run by Herbert Wong, who’s been traveling to few places, mainly independently. The impressive photographs are updated regularly and there’s also the possibility to select them based on countries and other categories.

4. Primitive Culture

The author, Xander, currently lives in Cape Town and covers the life in the Southern Hemisphere. The blog is updated regularly with interesting photos and information about travel, food and style.

5. Yegor Korzh

Yegor Korzh is a freelance travel photographer based in Sydney who publishes articles and photographs from Australia and overseas. Besides the possibility to read the blog posts, there’s also a large collection of photo albums which can be browsed.

6. Andre Gunther Photography

The site is much more than a simple blog. There are plenty of photo galleries to browse and if you are interested in photography, the tutorial provided are excellent (whether you have any experience photographing or you don’t).

7. TravelerFolio

The blog is run by Eunice, who keeps a record of her travel experiences. The award-winning blog is updated almost on a daily basis with interesting information and great photos.

8. Ilya Genkin

The interesting blog is filled with valuable information and super photography, covering various aspects of life, from food to architecture and culture. The author is currently embarking on a long trip (so the blog is not updated regularly at this point). However, you should follow him on Twitter to get the latest photos and details.

From the Faraway, Nearby9. From the Faraway, Nearby

The blog is run by TR Ryan, who’s got a background in journalism. He is a traveler and photographer, sharing a photographing journal celebrating his native Oklahoma and the places he visits. Updated regularly, the posts are filled with super photos and interesting information.

10. Indoblitz

It’s a different kind of travel photography blog…the kind which posts photos from the community and encourages anyone who has taken great photos to submit them. It definitely has the feel of a photo collection rather than a blog, but it’s incredible.

11. Landscape, Nature and Travel Photography

As the name suggests, this blog is filled with beautiful photography and interesting information about places in the United States.

12. Neil Wade’s Photography Blog

The blog is run by Neil Wade, who’s a freelance photographer living in Taipei, Taiwan. The blog comprises photography, tips, inspiration and insight to the good life in Taiwan. There is also a gallery which comprises stunning photos, organized by location.

13. Peregrine by nature

The blog is run by Kari who writes it in a journal form, filled with photos and stories. Right now she discovers (and re-discovers) Senegal but she plans to travel on the African continent.

14. India!

This is the only blog in French from the list but a photo speaks a thousand words so you really don’t need to speak the language to be fascinated by the photos. Julien Minard presets the photos he has taken during the last years in India.

Budapest Daily Photo15. Budapest daily photo

The blog is three years old and let me tell you something: you really get addicted looking at the photos and reading the information. If you have been to Budapest (Hungary) this blog will spark memories and make you want to go back; if you haven’t, it will make you consider Budapest as your next travel destination.

15. Whygo.com

We have to admit to being partial to this one because it’s part of the BootsnAll Travel Network. It’s not a blog in the traditional sense, but since 2005 it has featured one excellent travel photo each day, submitted by its readers. That means if you have a great travel shot yourself you can submit it and share it with the community. Have a look and you’ll notice that it always features high quality photos, and you’ll also be able to see what’s happening with the WhyGo destination guides as well.

Bonus: Photo collections & albums

The blogs are excellent when you are looking for the story behind the photo and usually end up following the writers on a daily basis. But there are also wonderful photo collections out there which are just great when you get dull of your desktop picture.

Scandinavian Pictures

Northern Europe is very picturesque, no matter the season, although you probably won’t want to freeze your behind visiting the area in the middle of winter. You can admire numerous photos taken in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway).

Worldwide Tourist

You can find photos from all over the world and upload your own.

European cityscapes

I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on European cities. It started slowly when I fell in love with Budapest and Vienna and now I just cannot stop checking out photos from all over Europe. If you visited Europe before, the site will spark memories; if you haven’t been to Europe yet, the site will make you want to pack your bags.

Greece wallpapers

I might be biased but few countries are more beautiful than Greece (really, are they?). You can see for yourself what I’m talking about as the site is filled with beautiful photos taken in Greece.

Travel Photos from IgoUgo

A fantastic collection of member-submitted photographs from around the world, handily categorized into such topics as Creepy Cave Tours, Towel Animals, and World’s Best Toilets.

Photo credits:
2 – Stuck in Customs on Flickr
9 – From the Faraway, Nearby
15 – Budapest Daily Photo
Budapest Daily Photo


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Gary has been taking awesome pictures for several years now during his journey. I love his monthly wallpapers.

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Thanks for the list! Btw, for no. 7 on the list, it’s “TravelerFolio”, not “Travelfolio”. Thank you! :)

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As modest as I am, I believe this is the best photo ever taken of London.


Go to http://www.travel-tidbits.com/tidbits/cat_photo_tidbits.shtml for nearly 900 travel photos.

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