Author Bio: Jim O’Donnell

Food, archaeology and beer are a few of the driving factors behind author and photographer Jim O’Donnell’s twenty-five years of travel. Those addictive factors have taken Jim O’Donnell to over forty countries on five continents and are at least partially to blame for the five languages he is sure he can stumble through.

Jim is the author of “Notes for the Aurora Society: 1500 Miles on Foot Across Finland”, “Rise and Go” a collection of over 200 photographs and short stories from years on the road as well as numerous other sordid tales, articles, half-finished novels, works in progress, essays and other scribbling.

A single-father to two adventurous young-ins, Jim blogs at Around the World in Eighty Years and is currently working on a book about the relationship between the Viking and Islamic worlds in the Middle Ages. He is forever on the lookout for new writing and photography opportunities

Discover more about Jim, read some travelers tales and wow at some fabulous photographs at his website  Also, be sure to follow him on twitter @jimodonnell2.

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  • Orion Cervio said at 2012-02-23T02:18:44+0000: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
  • Jobavi Luna said at 2012-02-23T02:25:53+0000: The beer must be cold. It shows in your smile :)
  • Julia Pyatt said at 2012-02-25T16:20:39+0000: Wow Jim. Your bio is impressive and I love your spirit for life. As Steve Jobs says: "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." You and he are kindred spirits. I also recommend contacting my dear friend, Jon Turk at He is a writer of three books, Cold Oceans, In the Wake of the Jomon and The Raven's Gift. His recent expedition at 65 with Eric Boomer 25 as the first two explorers tio circumnavigate Ellsmere Island gave them top ten finalists in National Geo's explorer of the year. I don't know who won. He is an expert at traveling in Northern latitudes in sea kayaks and his trip from Japan to Alaska recreating the ancient stoneage mariners voyage known as the Jomon people's migration from Japan to Alaska during the Iceage won him Paddler Magazines number one seakayaking adventure of all time. You would really hit if off with Jon and could even write an article. He and his wife, Nina live in Darby, MT and Fernie, BC. Tell him Julia Pyatt sent you. Happy Trails wherever you are and thanks for your cheerful and adventuresome Facebook page. I need to get out and about myself. Bon Voyage, Julia.