Bali, Indonesia – May 1999

Bali adventures begin and end in the country…far away from Kuta, Denpasar and the cities.

A glorious month of living and traveling on the little island of Bali proved our instincts were correct in staying away from the crowds.

Denpasar sports a major airport; great to get in and out of the country. But that’s it!

If you want to get in touch with the true beauty of Bali, these are our 5 top picks of locations to visit:

  • Ubud
  • Lovina Beach
  • Candidasa
  • Tulamben
  • Nusa Menjangan


Our ‘home base’ was in a village just outside of Ubud.
If you truly want to see the artistry of Bali, Ubud will give you everything – bustling marketplace, jewelry and craft shops, ceremonies, paintings, woodcraft, dances, gamelan music, night life, wonderful historical museums and beautiful temples.

Accommodations are simple to find in Ubud, as there are many losmens and hotels on just about every street. Prices are low; you can get a decent place for as low as US$15. It’s really not necessary to make advance reservations…there is almost always a place at the inn for you in Ubud!

Another perfect morning on the verandah at the Judy and Surya's home....Richard with his morning coffee and a big smile

If you want a most awesome home in the Bali countryside, you could e-mail Judy
to rent a beautiful home for only $35.00 a night – up to an entire month for only $550.

Judy & Surya’s “house” is perched on the edge of a ravine overlooking a river and unending rice paddies…it’s a true paradise.


You will want to spend at least a couple of nights in this little town on the ocean. Mask dances are performed in many little cafes and establishments – sheer pleasure!

A great place to stay here is The Water Garden…very romantic and elegant. Candidasa is a casual beach atmosphere and a great place to fall in love all over again!

Shortly before dawn, take a boat out about a mile offshore from Lovina Beach to watch the sunrise and the dolphins jumping!

Lovina Beach

At Lovina Beach we stayed at the Hotel Aditya (Fax: 0362 41342). Excellent place and perfect location for the Edwin the divemaster from Baruna Diving to pick us up each morning for the drive to Nusa Menjangan “Deer Island.”

Edwin took us on many wonderful scuba diving expeditions there at Nusa Menjangan. The water temperature is always in the 70’s and the sea life is incredibly beautiful.

Also, in the early morning at Lovina Beach, you can catch a boat out to visit with the dolphins, before your day seriously begins!

We found the people and businesses quaint and extremely hospitable to visitors in Lovina Beach.

Buy colorful saris from the local people. You'll need them to wear when going to the temples and saris are beautiful mementos of Bali.


This is a favorite spot for folks to scuba dive the old famous Liberty Wreck.

It’s in shallow water, so snorkeling out from shore just a little ways will also yield great visibility of the wreck and tropical fish.

There’s one little losmen right on the beach, good for one night stay – but probably not much more!

Bali…a most mystical and beautiful paradise…

Richard & Patti Redd
How to get there

You’ll most likely fly into Denpasar. We flew from Guam via Continental Micronesia, but the majority of travelers are in-bound on Garuda – which has an “iffy” reputation.

Just call your travel agent or go on-line to see what airline is available from your departure point. Airfares can be pretty darned expensive, but shop around and you’ll find a wide variety of prices!

More Information

First, do not listen to well-meaning friends who might warn you about dangers and riots in Bali.

Jakarta, on the other hand, has regular demonstrations and political upheavals. Unfortunately a lot of would be visitors to Bali are frightened by well-intentioned but erroneous warnings.

Yes, the economics of this part of the world contributes to serious problems.

However, Bali remains mostly untouched by violence. The economy is very poor, but the Balinese gracious spirit and attitude lives on.

Good up-to-date information can be found on the web at Bali-net or feel free to visit the Bali page at our website, Other Roads.

What to take

  • A camera and lots of 600 mm film.

  • A gracious and curious attitude.

  • Insect repellent for when you’re out in the country.

  • Hiking boots (of course!) to wear when hiking through rice paddies and up mountains.

  • A small soft pillow. We found there are absolutely no soft pillows in all of Bali!

  • Pictures of your home to share with the new friends you will make.

  • Extra empty suitcase. You will want to return home with carvings, saris, jewelry, paintings and baskets. Prices are phenomenally low so buy lots!

  • Small umbrella.

  • Small flashlight for evening walks along the edges of rice paddies or on the beach.
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